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I hope this is juste a demo , and there is a lot more to come , because it's far too short right now :'(

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the text box is a little too big, it take 1/4 of the screen 

and a way to rollback would be nice

except that this game look good :) I look forward to see the complete version  

and just to be sure , there is no sexual content in the demo ? or did I miss something ?

the "art" is just the cover ? nevermind so , there is art

and my experience come from many years of knowing some people making game with patreon support and even helping on with his game with programming and map making 

you offer a text vore game , there is a ton of text vore game out there , most of them are totally free , so why people would pay for something they can have for free , they will just check your "free version" see that they can't have the most interesting part and go find a free game where they can have it 

sorry if I seem rude but I just speak the truth 

most people are poor or don't like spending money on something they can have for free 

on patreon you have 3 kind of people willing to pay :

- people who have a lot of money so they can pay for anything they want , those people can purchase the higher tier at 10 ,  20 , 50 $ just for the pleasure of asking you some custom scene, custom character ...  ( half money come from them )

- people who truly believe in your project so they want to support you ( not a lot generally )

- people willing to spend just 1$ to have little bonus like early release , the right to vote if you make a pool of where the game should go next , be in the credit .... ( the other half of the money )

in my experience , I've learn that in the word of sex game , the visibility come from website like f95 zone where people pirate the game and give it to the community for free , but they always put the link to the patreon of the dev 

and a lot of dev have understood that , because they put their game themself on those website for free , because a lot of people will see it and check the patreon page 

free game = more people will see it

more people will see it = more people will see your patreon

more people on patreon = more people spending just 1$ for little bonus 

and remember , you sell something virtual that don't cost you anything to produce in quantity 

exemple , if 100 people see the game 

at 6$ , only 3 or 4 will pay for it 4x6 = 24$

at 1$ , 40 will pay for it  for it 40x1 = 40$

I don't see any art 

and keeping the main part of the game only for patreon is really not nice 

the right way is to give little bonus to patreon , early release , choice on the development  

let people have the game and those who want to support you will do it 

from my experience it's the best way to grow with patreon 

people who block there game behind a paywall never last long 

If I can't see how capable you are for writhing a digestion scene , I will not pay on patreon just to discover it and risking to be disappointed 


little advice , delete the male voice , it's juste annoying 

I've tried to do it myself but if I delete the voice file the game got errors , and if I try to delete the audio part in the OGG files and replace it with a empty file ,  the game crash 

thank , if it's done by the end of october , I will wait

I don't know if I should buy it now or wait for the voice acting 

when will it be complete ?

this game look good , but I wanted to know if there is a way to delete the text typing sound without lower the sound in the option 

because if I lower the sound in the option their is other important sound that are lowered 

this sound always give me headache , I always find a way to delete it in the games I play, but I've never do it in renpy 

I know renpy a little , so if you can just tell me the code line and the file to  edit

thank you :)

good little game :)

but if i can give you a advice , you should put a option to remove the eggplant thing around the text-box , it take a lot of place on the screen , and a option to modify the transparency of the text-box 

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I really do not understand why you have censored this game

in all the people who download the game, 99% activate the adult content so why give people the choise like this game was made for people who don't want adult content 
but even with the adult content activate the game remains much too "soft"

it's a shame ...  the concept is great and the story rather well written but if I play this kind of games it is largely for the sexual content and there is really not enough in the game , and the little that there is too much SFW

i just want to know why you don't go fully on sexual content with this game 

you have a great concept that offers opportunities both in terms of history but also in terms of adult content, and I just find it a pity that it is underexploited

too bad .. 

there is not enough vampire yaoi eroge

yes i understand , thank you for your fast awnser , now i can fully apreciate the game 

will it also cut other important sound , like ambiant sound or voices ?

the game look good but how can I turn off the sound when the text scroll , i hate this sound , i can't play the game with this sound on , it make me crazy