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I really do not understand why you have censored this game

in all the people who download the game, 99% activate the adult content so why give people the choise like this game was made for people who don't want adult content 
but even with the adult content activate the game remains much too "soft"

it's a shame ...  the concept is great and the story rather well written but if I play this kind of games it is largely for the sexual content and there is really not enough in the game , and the little that there is too much SFW

i just want to know why you don't go fully on sexual content with this game 

you have a great concept that offers opportunities both in terms of history but also in terms of adult content, and I just find it a pity that it is underexploited

While I appreciate your feedback, I find I have to disagree that 99% of players prefer sexually explicit material, given the number of otome games that don't have any erotic elements at all.

My intention was never to create a pornographic game. At first, the only character who had any sex scenes at all was Dyson (being an incubus, and all), but I was worried that there would be players who wouldn't be interested in that sort of thing, so I programmed in the ability to bypass the explicit material. After that, it seemed silly to have an entire feature that only effected one of the routes, so the others were given sex scenes as well. From this, you might intuit that the adult content was an afterthought, and you would be right.

As for its "softness", I suppose that's a matter of taste. I wasn't (and still am not) interested in drawing sexually explicit CGs, so this is as raunchy as it gets for my games, and I doubt any of my future games will have even this much sexual content, as I found it somewhat tiresome to write. 

For the people that do/did find this game unsatisfactory in that regard, I might direct them to the "erotic" tag (which is a tag that I chose not to apply to my game for this exact reason). 

That said, thank you for your kind words regarding the story. I genuinely do appreciate any and all comments, as I know that writing them takes time out of peoples' schedules. I hope that you find other games to your liking in the future, but I doubt they will be any of mine.

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Actually, I do think that Nayko93 has a point. Although not 99% players do prefer sexually explicit material/erotic material, a good portion of them do like it! Look at this survey conducted by TailorTale's creator:

One of the surveyed questions was if players would like otome games with adult content. A good 39% of the survey sample want explicit sex, 34% with "softer" adult themes, while 20% have no preference. With that being said, more players do prefer explicit sex/adult content than those who don't.  Although the sample size can be argued that it's low, with 778 respondents, it does tell you that more otome players are starting to prefer or like explicit material. 

In my opinion, the thing about "given the number of otome games that don't have any erotic elements at all." is because most western otome game makers are usually young females that don't feel comfortable writing or drawing any adult content. But again, older players and otome game makers prefer adult content (See the survey for respondents age 25+ preferring adult content or how older otome game makers, like Michaela Laws, from Seduce Me, make games with adult content)

However, this is your game and work, so it's totally okay if you don't like or want to include more explicit content! It's understandable if explicit content isn't your thing! But players like Nayko93 and I are one type of demographic that do like explicit content and try to find/play any R18 otomes we can get, since they're so rare, hence the (slight) disappointment when it's not as explicit as we would like :P Anyways, your otome was well written and fun to play through! I hope you do make more otome games in the future :)