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Thank you for the comment! I appreciate your feedback.

Yes, that's exactly what I was going for. I wanted to tell a story in which, despite the main character's biases, nobody was portrayed as 100% good or 100% bad. I wanted a world full of nuance and characters within that world to have different opinions about what's right and wrong with it. As the story progresses, the princess will encounter different arguments about what a ruler/government should be like, and it will be up to the player to decide who they agree with.

And thanks for telling me about that error. I'll look into it!

A lot of people were having trouble figuring out how it worked, so I made this flow chart.

You can also find more information about the game on my tumblr, such as a gift guide and how to unlock the hidden wardrobe items.

There weren't any options at the welcome party at the beginning of the game? After reuniting with Freddie, there should be three choices.

Yeah, it's currently in development. I post a progress report every two weeks on my Patreon. In fact, I just posted the latest build over there a week and a half ago.

You can also track P&P's progress on my tumblr, though I don't post there as often.

At the welcome party, get a drink and talk to Slayton. He will offer to let you leave early  (for lack of a better description), which will bring up a choice marked "Begin Wyatt DLC" or something like that. If you don't select that choice, the game continues as normal.

I'm so glad I could help! I hope you enjoy the DLC. :)

All right, good and good on the first two.

I'm not surprised that you get those weird icons, as I doubt you have renpy editing software on your computer. They're .rpy files, and they need to be dropped into the Steventon Street game folder. You should be able to do that without extracting.

Are you able to open the file explorer where SteventonStreet.exe is located (for me, that's a folder labeled SteventonStreet-1.8-pc), then (in a different window) open the zip folder without extracting, and drag and drop the two DLC files into the folder labeled "game"? (I'm sorry if these instructions are unclear. If I've explained poorly, I can record my screen and demonstrate, then send the video file to you.)

Hi! Thanks for your purchase, I really appreciate it!

I want to do some basic troubleshooting to determine where the problem is exactly, so a few questions:

  1. Are you on mac or PC?
  2. Have you played any of the base game without the DLC added?
  3. On my end, I can see that you downloaded the zip ten times. When you download, is that download completing (ie, do you have the zipped folder saved to your computer anywhere)?

Sorry! After I fixed Alfons' sprite, I checked XiYun's to make sure it wasn't doing this, but - here we are, I guess. This happens because the child versions of the sprites are trying to use the adult version assets.

I'm uploading a new build right now. Bright side: this build has the option to choose a family motto when you build your family crest, which was going to be released with Demo 2, but now you're getting it early.

I'm glad you're liking what you've seen of the game so far!

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Never mind, I found the error. I'm currently working on a new build, which I'll upload as soon as it's finished. Thanks again for letting me know about this problem!

Edit: I've uploaded a new build (v1.5). Sorry for any inconvenience my mistake caused. 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

You can email a screenshot of the error to

It's been a few years since I wrote the story, so I might be wrong, but I think the fruit basket thing came up on Paz's route, when Desdemona helped Ilma arrange the visit to the planetarium. In that instance, Daphne was using "fruit basket" as an example of a thank-you gift, rather than a literal suggestion. If the fruit basket comes up elsewhere in the story,  I don't remember it, but it's probably a mistake on my part.

Anyway, thank you for the comment! I'm so glad you like my game enough to play it for a second time. :)

I don't know if you follow my tumblr or patreon, but I announced a remastered version of Five Princes would be coming out sometime in 2022, so I hope you'll enjoy the new graphics when it comes out!

I'm pretty sure there's no other way to get Connor to like you, but it's been a while since I wrote it, and I don't quite recall. Connor's an asshole, though, so I wouldn't feel too broken up about him disliking me if I were you, haha.

As for the other question, there's actually a little bit of trivia behind that: I was originally going to have a possible ending where, if one or more of the monarchs didn't approve of you, you'd die mysteriously a few weeks after your coronation. I ended up cutting it because I didn't think it fit the tone of the game, but the dialogue for the ball had already been written, so all of the offensive/careless choices were left in. The only remnant of this original plan that's left is some of the monarchs will have different expressions when they crown you, depending on how they feel about you.

Thank you for your curiosity and kind words! I'm always happy to get the chance to talk more about my games.

Thank you for pointing this out to me! It looks like Ren'Py was unhappy with the way one of the "comments" on Bookworm's blog was formatted. I'm in the middle of uploading an updated build (1.7) where that shouldn't be a problem anymore. If you want to finish out your playthrough without updating, though, all you missed was a few comments on the blog for that day. The only information you get from it is that it's the first post where Bookworm mentions to her readers that she has a boyfriend.

I really appreciate your kind words. I'm so glad you like my games! :)

I have a few questions: Did it crash in the same spot both times? Did the game seem to be working normally up to that point? Was this on PC or mac? Did the error give any other details, or did it only say an error occurred?

You can reply here, or if you'd like you can email me directly at and we can get this sorted out.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'll look into it asap.

Routes are decided by the choices made at the welcome party and at the bar with Wyatt. After the reunion with Freddie, going to the bathroom puts you on the Janus/Will path, getting a drink puts you on the Delilah/Slayton(/Wyatt if you have the DLC) path, and joining the group conversation puts you on the August/Freddie path. Later, when you're at the bar, your choice to stay puts you on the more extroverted person's route, while leaving puts you on the more introverted person's route.

So, for Delilah specifically,  get a drink at the welcome party, then stay at the bar for another drink.

You're welcome and thank you for your kind words! I hope you enjoy Five Princes.

Thank you!

Your choice after the reunion with Freddie and the choice of whether to leave the bar early are the deciding factors for whose route you're on.

So to get Will's route, hide in the bathroom, then leave the bar early.

No problem!

Your choice after the reunion with Freddie and the choice of whether to leave the bar early are the deciding factors for whose route you're on.

So for Freddie, excuse yourself by joining the group, and then leave the bar early. For Janus, hide in the bathroom, then stay at the bar. And for Slayton, get a drink at the welcome party, then leave the bar early.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing. :)

*DLCs will be available January 1st, 2021. Sorry for the typo.

Sorry, I didn't see this comment until just now!

First, I'm so happy you like my game, and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it!

Regarding dragon society: You are correct that eggs/children are raised communally. Dragon males tend to have fertility issues, which is why females take multiple lovers, otherwise their species would have died out long ago. Because of this, they view their clan as one big family, so bloodlines aren't a big deal to them. Heirs are chosen in a ceremony that takes place every few years, when a new group of eggs have recently hatched. The Elders (those who don't already have heirs) choose their heirs from among the newborns. How they go about making this choice is pretty arbitrary, as the MC points out.

Regarding Lana: I'm kind of disappointed with how her storyline worked out. I always intended her to be romancable, as a subversion of the "mean girl" trope, but as I wrote, I found that there was no graceful way to work her into the story until the very end, which didn't leave a lot of time to develop a relationship. What you end up getting on her route is more of an optimistic beginning to an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers situation. I do plan to give her a much larger part in the sequel!

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words!

There is also a good end, where you get the option to marry Gunnar.


Day Planning Mode is an unofficial hard mode, so it's easiest when you don't turn it on. There is some extra content on that mode, but it introduces so many other variables that it's better to save it until you've played through everyone's routes without it.

Gunnar favors strong/aggressive responses in general, but the most important thing is to meet him at whatever energy he's putting out. If he's being rude or unreasonable, call him out (though if he's arguing with another person, it's better to take his side), but if he's expressing an insecurity, reassure him.

Gunnar's the jealous type, so try to avoid any choices that lead to you spending time with the other love interests. This can be a tightrope, as it can be easy to accidentally end up on Ilma's route while doing this. The best way to avoid this is to make it very clear during the drinking game that you're not into women.

Some of this might be kind of obvious, but I tried to keep it vague so I didn't spoil anything. If you want the actual step-by-step from the guide, I can copy/paste it over here for you.

Hope that helps!

I can try.  What's the issue?

Thank you! I'm so glad you all like my game so far.

Sorry, but no. I worked really hard on my backgrounds.

If you're trying to put a team together to make a visual novel, you might try the forums. Otherwise, you could try googling for free resources.

Yes! I'm glad somebody got the reference.

Some of the characters are more obvious than others. Many are combinations of multiple characters from across the Jane Austen canon to help streamline the cast.

Thank you for your kind words!

I don't have access to a mac to playtest the game, so that might have something to do with it. The only other thing I can suggest is to be sure you have the latest update (2.4), be sure to play story mode (day planning mode off), and follow the guide very closely.

I'm truly sorry I can't be more helpful.

I don't think so, sorry. It's a big part of dragon culture that dragonesses have multiple lovers, so that's what Paz expects of the main character. This will be an issue you can discuss with him in the sequel.

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Thank you for your comment.  I'm really glad you liked my game! Paz is a real cinnamon roll.

It looks like you found the walkthrough on your own, so I hope it helps.

I would love to see your fanart if you decide to draw it!

I'm looking for a background artist for my next visual novel. If you're interested, you can reach me at

I'm looking for a composer for my next visual novel.  You can reach me at for more details.

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Mostly you need to make sure intelligence is your highest stat (by going to the library). Studying the vampires gets you a chance for a scene with Cain, so follow him. After that scene, however, it doesn't matter which fae clan you study. The other things you'll want to do is get your magic high enough that Cain doesn't die, and text him as many times as possible. Be sure to rest (in the lounge) before your stress maxes out (I usually rest when it's at 18/20).  It's not necessary to go outside or to the pool at all while on Cain's route. I hope that helps!

Edit: I just remembered--click on the heart to check your affinity with him. When it's at 13/15, you're pretty much guaranteed his best ending.

That's very strange. I tested his route and it worked for me. Are you getting the option to go to Astaroth's suite after Cain breaks up with you?

I was waiting to do the walkthrough until a few bugs had been sorted out, but since that's taking a little longer than anticipated, here's the updated walkthrough. I hope it helps!

As a general rule, if you're playing with Day Planning off, you can't text Gunnar after the nightmare, though there is a bit of flexibility in regards to your choices leading up to that. I hope that helps!

If you'd like a complete walkthrough for the polyamorous route, let me know.

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! In an older version of the game, their friendship routes were too hard to get, and it seems I've over-corrected.

This issue is fixed in version 2.2. If you have a save from before Carla and Tilly's visit, you may be able to pick up from there, otherwise you'll have to start a new game, but Paz and Dyson's romance routes should be fixed now.

The easiest way to get Dyson's friendship route is to play like you're trying to romance him, but say you prefer monogamous relationships.

The trick to Paz's is not getting too many points with him before/during the drinking game. There's more than one way to do this, but the easiest would be: 1) Stay put so he's the guy you meet first, 2) Say you prefer non-monogamy, 3) Don't text any of the guys back, 4) Text your friends when you can't sleep, 5) Drink a soda.

I hope that helps!