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this game look good , but I wanted to know if there is a way to delete the text typing sound without lower the sound in the option 

because if I lower the sound in the option their is other important sound that are lowered 

this sound always give me headache , I always find a way to delete it in the games I play, but I've never do it in renpy 

I know renpy a little , so if you can just tell me the code line and the file to  edit

thank you :)

Hi there! There's no way to delete it but the "sound" option so I would suggest just lowering that for now.

I could have sworn we coded it to have it be connected to the "voice" option slider, but I may be getting confused with other games of mine.

Still, you're not missing out on any other "important" sounds-- the only other sounds in the game are the sound effects at the beginning of the game and nothing else. After a certain point, all you have is music!

Also, sorry I didn't reply to this sooner-- I don't get notifications for this game right now.