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Je viens à peine de commencer et je vais edit ce commentaire à chaque étape.

Je suis un grand bouffeur de VN Denpa/Horreur que je lis d'habitude en Anglais (mis à part Higurashi traduit par notre bien aimé pbsafran) et je constate dès le début une grande qualité graphique et rythmique, avec tout ce qu'il faut de contrôle, j'espère me retrouver surpris comme dans les meilleurs ^^

Me neither xD I loved non-bullet-hell Touhou games but it might be time for me to try it haha (I'll also look at other faxdoc games huhu)

Very Nice mechanic ! Hope to see more like this haha

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Aaaaah this is so cute >u<
I love this game, it's so unique
Exactly what I was searching !

(The first time I was comfronted to spikes, I would have been so sad to hurt the Slime that I think my moves for a minute... and get rekt in 5 secondes haha hopefully the lose animation is quite funny x3 I'm a bit on edge today haha)

I love the Music :D Who have done this ?

This helped me so much calming down after many issues I couldn't recover, it's so soft and hope-giving, thanks a lot ;3

I'm very curious to see what it will become :3
Keep us updated here as well ^^

I finished the game without speaking polish... I didn't understand anything hahaha

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Oooooh ! For real I get the concept and it must be nice ! ... but I can't understand the sentence I'm creating xD I'll go learn polish haha

I really liked that game and hope that you'll manage to make it bigger and develop the story more, thank you and good luck ;3