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It was very nice !!! :D

I loved it ! Cleverly made :D

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Fighting game AI might not be the hardest to code, they aren't the easiest either x)
I wish you good luck because even if the game is still quite empty, it has all we need, very very nice ideas and animations and feels actually good to play ! I'm really curious of what it will become !

A Hololive fighting game is a great idea for me ^^

Oh lol ! I got Sora too with the exact same percentage x)

Very nice game ! Been able to see who we're close is quite fun ^^

There might be a lot a things hidden in this game, I don't know what I did but I summoned La+ and the easter egg was quite funny ^^

(And I'm only able to unlock the ending 8, am I too slow ?)

You litterally escaped Kronii hahaha..hahem...

Wait, this is actualy a pretty nice game xD
I love Max's voice !!! It's so lovely !

Really intriguing !! I'll be waiting for an english version ^^

Hmmmmm... interesting !

I did find 3 triforce shards (center, south, north-east) and 2 beacons (west, north-east)

And I'm still wondering what to do haha, might explore more !!

Hey that's good news ^^

Is the Newsletter open ? (I don't know where to find it haha)

Found a place where you can use the grappling hook on rock walls :

This can only be done while jumping as it seems

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I found quite a massive bug (hopefully very easy to fix) : If you pause the game while an enemy bullet is on screen, the bullet animation don't stop, go through everything without damaging and disappear. Quite a way to cheese some boss haha (works on last Maya encounter + the explosion of the smoke-like mob, not all enemies in fact)

I'll continue messing with pause menu and frame perfect inputs for a bit

PS: I don't remember if I also mentionned in the final questionaire the Pistol quick-firing one time out of 3, even when waiting between the shots

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The other day I finished the Demo with 100% completion in 2/3 hours (the climbing challenge where very nice btw !) and because I wanted more, I took the challenge to speedrun the Demo so that anyone can join and have fun while waiting for the full game ^^

I just did 10:57 according to the end-game screen (8:21 according to the savefile but I guess this doesn't count all the deaths ? My parkour wasn't perfect haha - aside from spikes, I died once against the final boss)

Someone want a challenge ? x3

It's actually more of a sequel but I can't tell more as it would be spoilers x3

Me too ! I don't think the devs were betting much on this one but it worked amazingly and is still in the top listed when searching for these genre in any site.

I don't think a sequel will happen tho but we can hope !!

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Would it be possible to buy/download the OST somewhere ?

Sometimes I boot up the game only to let the menu theme play in loop haha

Each time I hear it I have such nostalgy, I feel like completing it in hardcore all over again x3

It will help me wait for Rusted Moss haha ^w^

I have such high hopes for this one !

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Uh ? No way ! You posted a new game while I was browsing your page ? xD

Let's try it right away !!

EDIT: highscore 15640 and I just realize SPACE can go through bullets haha

I love it !!

Je viens à peine de commencer et je vais edit ce commentaire à chaque étape.

Je suis un grand bouffeur de VN Denpa/Horreur que je lis d'habitude en Anglais (mis à part Higurashi traduit par notre bien aimé pbsafran) et je constate dès le début une grande qualité graphique et rythmique, avec tout ce qu'il faut de contrôle, j'espère me retrouver surpris comme dans les meilleurs ^^

Me neither xD I loved non-bullet-hell Touhou games but it might be time for me to try it haha (I'll also look at other faxdoc games huhu)

Very Nice mechanic ! Hope to see more like this haha

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Aaaaah this is so cute >u<
I love this game, it's so unique
Exactly what I was searching !

(The first time I was comfronted to spikes, I would have been so sad to hurt the Slime that I think my moves for a minute... and get rekt in 5 secondes haha hopefully the lose animation is quite funny x3 I'm a bit on edge today haha)

I love the Music :D Who have done this ?

This helped me so much calming down after many issues I couldn't recover, it's so soft and hope-giving, thanks a lot ;3

I'm very curious to see what it will become :3
Keep us updated here as well ^^

I finished the game without speaking polish... I didn't understand anything hahaha

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Oooooh ! For real I get the concept and it must be nice ! ... but I can't understand the sentence I'm creating xD I'll go learn polish haha

I really liked that game and hope that you'll manage to make it bigger and develop the story more, thank you and good luck ;3