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Great game, with a good difficulty curve and interesting levels. The controls and physics are tight as well. The only thing I don't like so far is the lack of variety in the soundtrack. Other than that, very impressive!

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Awesome, thanks for the tips, there’s definitely a lot we are planning to improve on for the next one, but being the first jam we’ve submitted to, we’re pretty happy with the result and very thankful for the encouraging community, looking forward to doing this again. Thank you again for the advice

I'm sorry, you weren't able to run it. If it's for windows or Linux , we did have to include the .pck file to download separately, something we'll look forward to fixing next time.

Finally uploaded a mac version, if you still wanted to try it out. It is only two player. There was a scrapped one player mode due to time restraints. Hope you like it if you decide to play it.

Great game. Loved the art style and concept. It can be hard, but fun, not that hard is bad at all. Kept me wanting to keep trying. Great game, well done!

Fantastic game, I found it addicting even though I couldn't beat the level. It was fun enough to make me keep trying which is pretty well done. Good job!

Good game, I enjoyed it. I liked the concept and I thought it was well done. For some reason the timer made me want to rush which caused me to make mistakes, which I thought was a pretty cool trick. Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you, we really appreciate the feedback. Very good information!

I love this game. Please make more.