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I understand, just don't post them in game jams ok?

As for the money, I'd suggest you either go get a side job, or look into making mobile games with ads. Game development won't get you money before years of blood, sweat and tears.

I thought it was best that a jam game be too easy than too hard, but I might change some values for the final project. I'll also tone down the squeaks (grass spawning noises) and swooshes a bit, maybe find better sounds.

Thanks for the feedback!

That's some great art you have there! Overall, the short levels are well designed, and the contrast between the peaceful day and the horrible night is cool!
There's still some jankiness, as you can move after dying or interacting, and the boss can be cheesed by staying above it and not moving.

Simple yet striking presentation, with music that doesn't get stale! I wish there was a control guide on the game or the download page though, I still don't know how to rotate stuff...

Surprisingly replayable!! Amazing work on the music and the art, your team know their stuff! The only thing I guess would bother people are the ever-hated ice physics, but I found it adds to the challenge!

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This game looks and sounds great like I'm in an alien paradise! But sadly, I can't play it. It controls like a rage game, both on keyboard and gamepad. That's mainly the character controller not interacting well with physics objects (launchers and slopes) and the abilities (glide and wall jump) being limited by what animation you are currently in (jumping or falling).
I'd like to see more of this crazy art style,  but the game is taking a toll on me.

I see. Well, I wish you better luck on your next projects!

Thanks! I ran out of time, so there was only a single dungeon in the game... My personal preference is to not have boss health bars, but I think it can fit this game, specially with all the unused HUD space. I plan to make 2 or 3 enemies per dungeon, as they are very short.

It's more about the character movement, I feel some delay, but maybe that's just my browser. Anyway, it was a fun time, I got 10 out of 11 flowers!

Nice game, I like the ice thawing, pretty satisfying. The art and music are sweet. My only problem is that there's no sound effect or animation for taking damage.

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You can't upload a paid game to this type of game jam. People won't even bother looking at those, specially one that uses generic and out of place graphics like yours

also this color scheme is barely readable

Nice art and reasonable puzzles, but the game is entirely mute, and the input is all over the place. Mouse to move plants, spacebar to start, mouse to move the camera? You could add a Begin button in the screen to replace the Spacebar, so the game plays fully on touch/mouse.

Also you only need 2 plants to clear level 9.

It's a puzzle exploration game, with very relaxing Animal Crossing vibes! The colors and models are pretty, and the music is soothing.

Great pixel art! It would be better with sound effects (SFXR is free to use), and a win screen would be nice too.

Sweet graphics and nice music! The gameplay is simple yet fun, and the theme of growth was used pretty well

Very cute, feels like a Pico-8 game. The map is well thought out and loops back into itself a bit. I just wish it played faster (movement and dialogue)

This reminds me of WAR and all those battle/resource based board games, and it gains nothing (aside the instant AI) from being a video game, so I'll judge it as a board game first (like you would RIFT Online or YuGiOh Duel Links). Also, this is a big read, so feel free to paste this on a Google Doc or whatever and read at your own leisure

First, you have some great presentation, with the custom fonts and the color choices. The still pictures with the broken aesthetic, and the futuristic title are cool, wish those were more present in the actual game screen. It could use some sound feedback and background music, as the player will be staring at the screen for quite some time (if you count multiple rounds).

As for the gameplay, here's a tip for games in general: NEVER HIDE THE RULES. This is not an adventure or exploration game, there's no inherent reward in discovering how the systems work. There's a reason Strategy RPGs/Real Time Strategy games tell you the win/lose conditions, and why every board game comes with a manual. The visuals of the battle screen don't fit with the rest of the presentation: troops are just squares, the battle button and the phase numbers don't fit the first two fonts, the frames for the button, reinforcements and map don't fit the aesthetic (just generic rectangles), the planets' names are barely readable, and the "galaxy map" (game board) is clean but bland. Aesthetics, in any visual medium, are important, and you want to make them good and consistent.

From what I figured out, every turn has 5 phases. Phases 1 and 4 are reinforcement phases for each army, where you receive a certain amount of small, medium and large units (4 smalls make 1 medium, 2 medium make 1 large). Phases 2 and 5 are the movement phases, where each player moves their troops to other planets as needed. There's an interesting mechanic here, as you can only move larges (I suppose they are ships) between neighbouring planets, but it is cut short because there's only one map layout, and 3 of the 4 planets are neighbours. This could be thoughtful with a 6 or even 10 planet map. Then phase 3 is the combat stage, where each side might lose their units. This could receive more work, because as it is, the side that has less troops loses all of them, and the side that has more loses none, while draws seem random. Something like "winner loses 1/3, loser loses 2/3, draw lose 1/3 both" might be more interesting, and make the reinforcement system actually matter (any unused reinforcements are sent to the void, it's not a choice to not use all of them, so the game should only progress when the reinforcements tray is empty). It was a bit complicated to learn all of this because the phases change too quickly, and with no feedback on what's happening.

As for how to improve it, I'd start with an extensive How to Play menu, with tabs for each part of the game, Map, Phases, Units, Goals and Fail states. You could rather provide a PDF download with all the rules organized in that fashion. Don't shove it in players' faces either, returning players want to skip that. Next, you might want to make multiple maps with different difficulty levels (if not do what Settlers of Catan does and make procedural maps). You also need to improve feedback to the player, on everything from units being deployed or destroyed (from either side), to whether the player has lost a planet or restored it. This can be achieved with animations on the units, the phase counter, and through sound effects (also please either slow down the phase changes, or let players go through them manually). Finally, A great addition to this game, which would  increase replayability tenfold, would be local multiplayer: let the player play the red pieces too.  I can see myself playing this with a friend for the novelty, and sometimes just for fun.

I think you have the start for an engaging original game, you just need to expand it and make it more “playable”. Also, If you had the patience to read through all of this, thank you, that's 3 hours I didn't completely waste.

The pixel graphics are nice, but the lack of audio is pretty jarring. The controls feel a bit inconsistent, like how you can't control menus with either keyboard or controller, so you have to move your hand to the mouse everytime one pops up.

Seriously, look into Audio implementation for your next game, it really makes a difference. This is coming from someone who used to make soundless games a while back. If you don't like using free stuff from asset packs or OpenGameArt, you can make your own stuff with SFXR (sound effects) and BeepBox (music).

Sadly looks like the game is unplayable as is. You receive the Platform powerup without having any seeds, and so you're stuck there (can't go back either). There's no visual to show me how many seeds I have.

Also, your hit system is a bit broken. It teleports you up and back, but if you spawn inside a wall the player disappears. The hits don't give you any invencibility frames either (you can get hit right after, like in stairs). I suggest you redesign that.

Before publishing a game, you might want to have one or two friends play through it first, see if they find any immediate problems (trust me, I struggled with this a bit)

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The game is very simple, but I could see this going into a mobile app store! Great sound design and nice graphics (although the lilies could be a bit more appealing). The consideration of adding many languages is welcome (just be on the look for languange typos).

Now, as for how to improve it, don't punish the players for not solving the puzzles in a time frame, that doesn't add challenge, it just makes them redo a puzzle they already solved (and that's boring). You could instead place an extra challenge to the player (maybe they are collectables on the stage like in Where's My Water or in Cut the Rope). A level select where you can see how many stars you've gotten in each level is also a given, but maybe those levels can have different themes (colors, ambients, seasons?).

I think this game, with more content and a bit of marketing, can do well as a free mobile game (where you can use ad integration to earn some money from it).

Got it running on Edge. Overall, the game looks and sounds good, it just needs a lot more polish. Like how you hit enemies but the sparkles clip into them and lose all velocity, or how the battle music stays on the map even though the sheep was defeated.

Also, you might want to tone down the screenshake. On the cage fight, the shake was so much I couldn't tell the sheep's position, and couldn't avoid getting hit a couple times.

The game feels very polished (with great sound and graphic choices), and the levels are pretty challenging! I could see a game like this in a mobile game store with more levels.

There's still a few quirks, like how sometimes the music ends and you're left with ambient noises for a long while.

Yep, i'm on windows. I always upload MacOS and Linux builds even though I can't test those, as a form of consideration. I also don't know anyone on Mac so there's that.

These puzzles leave you scratching your head minutes on end, good job!

Found the problem and fixed it for all platforms. The download links were updated too.

Well, looking forward, I will remember to do at least one or two -full- playthroughs before uploading any project.

Was expecting it to be a small game, but the little notes give so much character to it! And the puzzles are pretty challenging!

Even though it is very short (a tech demo of sorts), it's sweet. The movement and dialogue is very well implemented, you might want to use those systems in other games.

Those are some nice flowers, great pixel art! I think you could add a few more colors to the Jam's optional palette to give a lot more variety!

I'll look into that, thank you. What platform are you playing on?

And yeah, you're supposed to damage-boost in slimes, they deal increase knockback and deal almost no damage. It's not that great a design in hindsight.

You're almost finishing it though.

Yeah, I finished it. I survived the bees. The funny cows. The incredible(y easy) Mr. Flower fight. The obnoxious final fight (the Freezing attack can stun you and leave you unable to react for 4 turns, certain death).

I had to install the RTP to run on mine but yeah, it's working fine.

As for the game, I'm not into this "random" style of comedy but my friend found it pretty funny. A bit too grindy and obtuse at times. The ending screen loops over and over.

For a first game jam, it's nice! The timers for each stage are very appreciated! I think this script can help you with exporting other games

Fun puzzles! Although I don't feel like I solved them the intended way (may be my fault). Could have some open bg music, and more sound feedback from the ball. Also, ball and cannon interactions in stage 5 are a little funky.

It takes a bit of time to get the game going fast, but it's kinda fun! You may want to work on naming things though, GURB and GUBS are very similar

It would help a lot to have a list of the possible Verbs you can use in the game, otherwise players will just stumble trying to talk to the wise fay or  trying to pick up the egg.

It requires a UnityPlayer.dll?

Would like to play it, but it requires the RTP assets instaled in the user's computer too. I think there's a way to bundle them in the project like you do in RMMV

I'd assume RPGMaker games are permitted, so VN Studio or other VNs should work too. Just make sure to follow the other rules (mainly the theme of "spring")