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Those puzzles were really engaging, and they just kept coming!
The story is cute and surprised me a bit. And chat harold is very goofy, i love him!

So cuuute! Hammy, and a bit steamy, but cute!
Going back from choices was buggy sometimes (which led to pretty funny scenes) but overall a really welcome feature :3

Meu recorde é de 87k pontos :3
eu tomei um susto quando a musica mudou kkk

Even though I'm on the team, I'm still surprised by the end result... It's fun! Really fun!

Banging music as well.

Not as short but still sweet! Animations make up for the "attack spam" nature, and I'd say I was pretty invested in Reid's little journey.

I don't havea lot of comments, as i'm probably worse at making battles and writing, but I did wish the battles were a tad harder by the end, and easier by the start.

What did I just play ahahha
Sure, I already knew what I was getting into when I clicked the .exe, but you still surprised me. Some of these effects are really impressive!
More than anything, I had fun playing this, and had even more fun seeing a cousin play it :3

I like this combat framework but I can't deny it is very taxing. It took me an hour to beat the game with two defeats haha.
Quite a wholesome story for an entry made in such a short timeframe.

so cute... def no personal bias at all, no no, no homo here. didn't touch me at all bro *cries on the floor*

Jreo, you have a knack for making these vehicle 3d models, they look great!

As for the engine itself, it's very impressive, with some room for improvement. Powersliding with the ferrari-like car is very satisfying and gives me Outrun vibes. I haven't had a single physics bug, but it annoys me a bit the cars severely lack grip at high speeds (150kph+).
I'm not smart enough to guess what's missing (barely made my own raycast car), so I dunno if it's something with tire compound setup or areo or whatever.

The mouse controls and ECS work very well, but I do find it more fun sliding around with a tad less Steering Assistance and doing throttle control. Source code looks very in-depth, too bad I dunno what half the acronyms mean haha. I know you've been working on this model for years, but this is really inspiring.

Side note, does anyone know good forums and research material (books?) for vehicle simulation? I'm a programmer by trade, but my knowledge of mechanics is limited to pre-college physics and casually playing driving sims.

It's so simple... applying forces towards a point to control... but it captures exactly what makes movement and collisions from these tops so exciting!
I could play this for many minutes :3

Thank you for playing, even if a bit out of season haha.

IRL got the better of me this month, and I ended up scrapping half the game for the time limit, including a second phase for Oldhar. Glad you enjoyed regardless!

With "setup tutorial" I meant posts #16 and #18 on your RPGMakerWeb forum thread. I was admittedly a bit lost with just the help section in the plugin file, I think it could use better wording or just link to another page with images.

Past that, it works very well! Until I get my budget sorted I'll make it do with only one font, but it's certainly a plugin I'd recommend.

All of luck to you on IGMC Rebirth!

Great plugin! After some stumbling around (I think you should link the font setup tutorial in the itch page as well), I got it to work mostly flawless.

Still have some questions though: It looks like windows like MessageWindow don't detect the height of the bitmap font, so currently I have to change that in another plugin, could that be a feature? And does the PRO version's multiple fonts work like FontManager or do I have to use the two plugins together in some way?

thanks! as for the portraits, i ran out of time :((((( they wouldn't be hard to do but uni was more important... glad you liked it!

A healthy dev makes a healthy game :)

This was very wholesome :3
I really think the short Axial break was deserved, so you can come back with high spirits! Looking forward to the next updates!

This was just lovely! Cute and charming visuals and music, very silly writing (the last ending got me!). Brings me back simple fun vibes games from my childhood gave me.

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I think I found it, I got the default font index wrong (starts at 0, I thought it started at one), it's working, thanks! The thing not updating was because I was looking at the wrong font, as above...

I also noticed it doesn't override system colors (the kinds you can change inside YEP CoreEngine) but that may be a feature, idk. Anything more specific like changing HP MP TP font would need a purpose-built plugin anyway :3

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Great plugin, very versatile! Just being able to set so many options without messing with the css file is great.

<spoiler>Edit: user error :p   For some reason, version 5.0.1 for MV has problem updating the fonts... changing font parameters like color sometimes doesn't change them on the game after close and open. Also, if you delete a font slot the game crashes ("can't read 'face' of undefined").</spoiler>

Cute, but I do hold off a bit. Has a... unique sense of humour I did enjoy, but I think there's a lack of cause-and-effect situations, like the cat ears doing something to the ghost ("the spirit gets stuck in the cat") and protag guessing the contents of rooms she didn't visit. Stuff just happens sometimes, as if a step was skipped.
Graphics and Music are appealing, mapping is fine, puzzles are a bit linear, and the plot is quite nice; I thought this was a scary game :0 but it's somewhat wholesome.

Oh, and Rose, sending a player to a Game Over screen with no warning is just evil. Particularly when saving is not even acknowledged. In scenarios like these, you can send them to a "failure screen" map (evented) and return them to the room after a dialogue box, as if that choice was made only in their head.

I can't rate a game I helped make XD but the plot is very engaging, and the different minigames and endings are very cool!
Wish people could play more of the endings but this jam has pretty short games, so maybe we missed there.

Very fun! There doesn't seem to be a "better" build up until the end, and at that point you're wiping the floor with or without mages either way :)

A bit disappointed with the background being repeated every time, and the button layout was wonky, but these were great 10 minutes.

The different scenarios were very creative and funny! I also liked the portraits and music choice. Good job!

Very cute art! Love the battlers and am looking forward to the rest.

Puzzles were too slow though... I get the solution but the end is a few minutes away. The pause between moves and the turn switch only add to this, so going back to the start of a room takes half a minute (wonder if you could have more actions per turn...). Also think the game warrants shorter battles but more enemies? Not sure yet...

(it also seemed Spring's spawn could heal substantially between turns, which was a bit frustrating)

Glad you got something even with all the busy IRL stuff!

Pretty cute gameboy game! The music loops got my attention, real Metroid 2 vibes, starts cheery and becomes opressive and unsettling... collisions are a bit funky but I liked it.

I had a lot of fun with this one!
With all the plugin witchcraft aside, there's an inherent satisfaction in 'painting'/'converting' stuff. Combining a roguelite structure made it more cohesive, as at the start you're doing tactical decisions, but at the end you're basically unstoppable.

Some funny little bugs (sometimes areas load blue, so I exit and reenter, and sometimes the elders die twice, and void's name is still Reid) but they didn't detract from the experience at all.

TL,DR: cool looking, but does not appeal to my modern sensibilities.

I'd like to enjoy this game, but it's like reading an old book. The visuals and animations are awesome (if not a bit too blurry), and the skills and scenarios are interesting, but everything else is so slow and... as if made to waste your time. Walking to anywhere takes ages and encounter rates feel too random (no spawns when you want to farm).

Games about surviving a harsh environment can be fulfilling, but not particularly fun. And on a game jam I don't think that's what you want to do. 30 minutes in and the only thing I accomplished was killing random skeletons and wasps just to pay for my healing, and getting some nice equipment. Doing trips from the village to the cave, killing 10~15 guys and going back to sell parts and heal, over and over, is not enjoyable.

I might play more later. The mood (aside the world map) is fitting and the music and first-person animations are very cool. Seems immersion is a big focus here, and . But I can't be fussed right now, got stuff to do, games to play. If Blade User is going to disrespect me with movement slow as molasses and grinding just to make a living, I'll disrespect it as well. Sorry, and take care.

Quick and relaxing! The art is cute and the end, although easy, is very nice.

Wish it was a bit more difficult but oh well.

Very unique mechanics around the 3 resources! There's some nice replayability with the different characters, although the battles themselves could use some balancing (in the autumn the firelings could hyperfocus on one character easily, even with guards, got a GO 5 times).

Tried playing the game with my laptop's trackpad and... yeah. There's a manual Left and Right click but doing a drag selection is complicated, and overall not particularly fun. No scroll wheel to zoom either. Will add a disclaimer to use a mouse in the jam page, thank you!

So did I, but my friends were spending 30+ minutes to finish everything so I had to be conservative :3

yo, the AI is broken as hell XD it's still early in dev (cus I don't know how to private page)


Very challenging, and very cute!!

what the hell, randomly found this and played for half an hour straight

So cute! Writing is funny, the teaching skills idea is novel and the music slaps as always...

I also love how you can interact with little stuff like the grafitti or apple basket, and the dialogue changes depending if you're at the postgame or not!

Fun little game! Portraits and character sprites are adorable, and writing was funny, even when grammar was lacking... A good time, for sure

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Magical Girl GameJam #4 and Metroidvania Month 13 are running concurrently, start to end, so I thought of challenging myself to make a game for both. From the MM13 rules, there's nothing about making games exclusively for that jam, and I've seen double jam games before, but I noticed you cite Rule #33 in the main page so that surprised me.

It doesn't hurt to ask, though: Can I upload one game for both this jam and MM13? They start and end at the same time, so it's not as if I'm giving myself more time.

Oh my god, this is the best lol! The tracks have interesting features like jumps and holes that make races challenging, and you have to strategize with the nitro cans