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Nevermind. I claimed it here on Itch when Patreon was still playing nicely. Well, there's still the issue of you getting my money each month. :)

Hello. Patreon decided that it doesn't want my money a few weeks ago. is there another way I can support you and get the release earlier?

Thank you! Honestly there are only four games on Patreon where I almost don't care about benefits and just want them to have my money. Yours is one of them. And btw yours is the only one with AI art.

Hello. Patreon stopped accepting all of my cards. Any other way to donate?

My vote doesn't count. :D Because I personally like neither real photos nor photorealistic CGI in video games.

You now have a place you own *and* call home? Congratulations! 

Patreon doesn't want my money. :/

Is there another way to support you? Gumroad, SubscribeStar, Boosty?

Hello. Seems likre you're shadowbanned or somthing on Patreon. I can't find your page using the "Find Creators" feature but worse than that all attempts at becoming your patron fail and my bank says that they don't even see any payment requests from Patreon.

So, do you use any other service like SubscribeStar or Boosty?

Yeah, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help". It would *eventually* end up bad either way. Government institutions tend to deteriorate with time and the more responsibilities it has the faster it happens. Sure, police has WAY MORE responsibilities than social services but it's still a very temporary solution.

Just fix the light yourself.

Why would you make a 32-bit Linux build? There are more people running pure64 than 32-bit these days.

Or just make both.

I suggest making drones take stuff from crafters/smelters etc first. Otherwise they just start moving it between two storages back and forth.

This is literally a mashup of Castlevania and Metroid. Love it!

Congratulations on the upcoming release! I love your Common Lisp work.

Console development is hell and the smaller the developer the smaller the chance that it will get some profit out of it.

Allow complex tag search like e.g. on Pixiv:
3d (rpg OR adventure)