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Thank you! 

ah right! Thank you 

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Okay! Well, keep an eye open for the next episode then! And thank you again for supporting my work :)

Thank you for the feedback! Would you mind elaborating how the content went over your head? Or you would you prefer to wait for the continuation to the series?

Aaaaaaa thanks for the kind review!

Aaaaaaa thank you so much!

Thank you so much! :*

Such a thoroughly thought out review. Thank you so much!

Root is such a powerful and beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing your work.

You really have a way with making images come alive with your words. Will follow you so I can keep myself up to date on your more current works.


Thank you so much for sharing. I'm super inspired.

I could definitely relate to some of your poems! Thank you for sharing.

So cute!

Ooohh I will definitely check out Pencil Park! 

Thank you for the comment. I will try to explain here:

Q: is it one grid per player?

A: all players use the same common grid, but hey if you want to play on different grids that's your prerogative as well! 

Q: is there 1d6 rolled every turn and every player use it, or should each player roll its dice ?

A: I originally imagined it as each player roll a dice for their own turns, but your suggestion works too!

Q: is it ok if 2 tetra-blocks with the same marker touch each other ?

A: Yeah!

Q: If I got the points system right, the goal is absolutely NOT to fill lines but to get as high as possible ?

A: You are correct! Filling a whole line will cause a forfeit. Either missing a turn or just game over.

Thank you so much for playing and spending generous time asking these questions anf clarifications!

- Nana

I can see this being used in a classroom!