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Ooohh I will definitely check out Pencil Park! 

Thank you for the comment. I will try to explain here:

Q: is it one grid per player?

A: all players use the same common grid, but hey if you want to play on different grids that's your prerogative as well! 

Q: is there 1d6 rolled every turn and every player use it, or should each player roll its dice ?

A: I originally imagined it as each player roll a dice for their own turns, but your suggestion works too!

Q: is it ok if 2 tetra-blocks with the same marker touch each other ?

A: Yeah!

Q: If I got the points system right, the goal is absolutely NOT to fill lines but to get as high as possible ?

A: You are correct! Filling a whole line will cause a forfeit. Either missing a turn or just game over.

Thank you so much for playing and spending generous time asking these questions anf clarifications!

- Nana