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Nanaimo Labs

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It's working for me right now. Maybe the server was down for a little bit.

I was excited to see the Construct 2 logo when I booted up the game! I love using that engine for jams. The game itself was good, but I'd have to agree that it became a bit more of a platformer than adventure game (which can also be really fun!) I had a bit trouble figuring out how to use my characters jump and roll to reach the flowers, but eventually got them all :) Thanks!

I won! Took a few tries but eventually found the triggers :)

Good job! I liked the pacing of this and how I was brought through the story in a natural way, and interacting with objects/locations always gave me new information to piece together about the plot. Played to the end and enjoyed it :)

Great work! This was fun to play, and I was drawn in to the whole experience and Mustapha's predicament. The spider puzzle was definitely my favorite, and I had to go back around the house a few times to solve it :)

Thanks for the feedback! I completely agree with what you are saying! I have a long list of changes I wanted to make before the submission deadline, but alas that is the challenge of a game jam. I was really excited to submit a somewhat finished product and support this $101 Adventure Challenge. Can't wait to see more Adventure games out there for players, with unique stories from different creators!

(I noticed the same issue with the cursor but was too close to the submission deadline to make an update, sorry for the inconvenience)

Thanks! I would have loved to get more sound effects and audio into the game. I totally agree that audio feedback is important, and can make an otherwise bland interaction quite charming :)

Great job getting this submitted in time!

It is a neat concept. I'd love to see the next iteration!

Great video! And thanks for playing! We had a lot of fun working on this concept for the game jam, and would love to expand on it over time.