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Thank you! Such a sweet comment in new year :3

We're very impressed, that you enjoyed the demo so much. It's so pleasant for us!

Thank you so very much for such kind words! :3

Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate this :3

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Thank you :3

We keep an eye on you either! Thank you that you're with us for so long

Thank you for your support!

And it's always interesting to learn the feedback from those who play the demo more than once. If you find something new for you or you'll have some new thoughts - please write to us :3

Thank you for your support and kind words :3

Thank you very much for the willingness for help! It's very inspiring for us!

Can you plz write to our email -

Thank you that you're with us :3

Thank you! We hope the full version will amuze you the same!

Thanks! Every day we make the release date closer :3


Unfortunately, we don't plan to do the pre-order (or early access). 

BTW answer to this and other questions are available in our Q&A section

Good for you! In the full version you will have a little bit more chanses to speak with Victor. But his route will be later

The game will be a a little bit cheaper.

But thank you anyway! :3

Thank you! We're doing our best :3

Thank you! Seems to be you were so interested in the demo - so it was too short for you. We're doing our best to make the full version not to be so short :3

As for the bad end, if you still face it - you can write us in twitter - Degraman. We will try to accomplish it together!

Thank you for your kind words! 

And thank you for your willingness to help us! We appreciate that :3

Unfortunately we don't plan to do the translation to Spanish in the nearest future.

Thank you! We're happy of your hot support! And that you don't forget about us.

We can't help but cope with this kind of support! :3

Thank you! We appreciate that :3

Thank you! We were worrying a little on how people will react on this. 

And your support means a lot for us :3

Thank you! Thanks for your kind words. We apreciate that :3

Thank you! We would love to listen to your theories and conspiracies :3 

Thank you for your support! We're happy that you appreciate our level of honesty :3

We're doing our best

Thank you for your support! We will continue doing our best :3

Thank you for your kind words and for your support! We're happy to work for such cute players! (o´▽`o)

Thank you! We're doing our best :3

Vincent and Cassel route are expected to be released this year. But other routes are planned to be done as well.

Thank you for your care and support! It's super pleasant to hear words like this. We appreciate this  (ノ´з`)ノ

And we will take care of ourselves and will try our best not to burn for you and all the players who are waiting for the full game release :3

Thank you!

Pleasant appearance of MC and characters are drawn cute, elegant and warm
It seems that these characters could not have been drawn by a bad person :3

We're trying to provide monthly reports to make it a little more clear for those who are waiting for our project. Thank you for waiting and believing in us :3 

We appreciate this and it inspires us to work so much

Thank you! We appreciate this :3

Thank you! We're doing our best not to let you down! :3

Thank you for your support! We appreciate this :3

Спасибо большое - очень неожиданно!

У нас всегда хорошее настроение :3 

И будем стараться дарить его вам

Thanks for your feedback! :3

We're so glad that you liked the demo and hope you will like the full version even more!

We plan to make one route with one ending free, but the full game will be paid.

Thank you! And we will be excited for your feedback for the full game ;-)

Thank you so much! We do the best we can! :3

Thank you for your kind words! :3

We expect the game to be released in Autumn, this year

Thank you! We appreciate you're in 

BTW, we will make it a true challenge, just FYI :3

Thank you! We're doing our best! :3

Thank you so much! such a warm words (*゚▽゚*) 

Thank you! We're happy that you like it ヽ(o^―^o)ノ