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Was just trying to get as much iron as possible and my iron number overflowed and turned negative :( Couldn't build anymore factories.

Cool game though. Gives me some ideas

Fun. I wish there was a sound when i got hit.

Cool. I kind of wish the orbits worked more realistically, like the lower to the sun the faster it orbits. Could be neat to control each planet individually. Love the texture of the nebula background and the music is so relaxing. I liked the change in music when the 2nd planet appears, was curious if another track would play on the 3rd but that 2nd planet was just impossible to protect.

Lots of fun! Really felt like I had to rewire my brain with the color mechanic. Cool retro feel.

*sees axolotl*... "I'm gonna need more space"

Cool stuff. Wish my bullets wouldn't be stopped by other bullets. Switching mechanic was interesting, would probably be more intuitive if you clicked and dragged the weapons to each side.

Took a few tries to figure out the color combinations but this is really well done.

Excellent. Loved the inclusion of logic gates.

Wasn't clear that the totems are what control the mechanisms in the pyramid, the camera pan was woefully slow. But the visuals and music are awesome, love the expressions on the guys when they're in the dark.

Neat little puzzle game, could easily be expanded. The beep sound is definitely a bit jarring though. 

Awesome game. The black hole levels were super cool, felt like i was in interstellar swinging around them trying to hop to the next one. 

Definitely quirky. Huge download for that simple game though, i wonder if there's a way to shrink it? Nice work, liked seeing scratch in there.

Quick little platformer. Sounds were a bit harsh, but good work.

Interesting idea. I just ran two copies on my local machine and went to try and find the stationary one. Ran pretty hot with all those shadows! Biggest world i've seen yet for this jam.

That coffee is pretty wild. Love Mr. Ragdoll. Good work!

Dogs were certainly harmed in my playthrough. Very tough beginning of the level, but the rest was good. Nice work.