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Sorry to hear about this Kenny. I would recommend looking to a Synology 2 bay NAS. You can set up a local git repository on it and have it running in RAID so data is backed up and then turn on whatever off-site backup syncing for redundancy.

If you do look into a Synology, I highly recommend the DS218+ or any + model as you can upgrade their total RAM.

Can't wait!

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Sure would be. I am currently in the process of recreating each one and saving them individually so I can export them individually. And I have added quite a few tiles, I'm at a little under 100 atm with more to go.

It would be awesome if we could group a selection of models so that if we select 1 it selects the whole group. This would be useful for people who make detailed models from multiple models that will be repeated in the entire build.

Hey everyone,

Been messing around and started working on some dungeon tiles for a top down type game just to get the hand of Asset Forge. Not complete yet but I thought I would share my progress. 


Dungeon Tiles V0.1 - Zip file containing .model, and exported .obj