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FAITH: Chapter II was a very worthy follow up to the original.  Very different, but still very high quality and original, and definitely scarier than the first.  Loving the world that's being built and I can't wait to see chapter III!

I posted a video of my playthough, if anyone is curious to watch ;)

I'll keep an eye out :)

Really looking forward to playing Chapter II next.  Especially hoping to see a continuation of the Hunter ending XD

Gave it a shot the other day and recorded my playthrough.  Video is here if you're interested :)

Gave this game a shot, I really like the atmosphere of it!  Unfortunately, I was unable to make any tangible progress due to repeatedly getting stuck in trees and other objects with no way to escape.  If you can fix the bugs though, this has potential :)

And here it is: 

VERY difficult to handle this game's INTENSE SPOOKINESS, but somehow, I made it through. Playthrough here: 

This game was really atmospheric, I enjoyed it a lot!  I made a video of my playthrough if you wanna check it out (feel free to let me know if you dont want videos posted here and I can take it down)

This game was very atmospheric, I like it a lot!  I made a video of my playthrough if you wanna check it out (if you dont want videos posted here, please let me know and I can take it down) 

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This game was super fun and cute!  I made a video of my playthrough, if anyone is interested (if you don't want videos posted here I apologize, feel free to message me, or just smite me where I stand, either way really):