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Yusuf Ismail Bin Shukor

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Thank you pd12 for trying it out! I'll definitely look into a way to make an item that contains collectibles look more discernible. That's an important part of design, and it's clear I need to improve on it. I've also got to get a better handle on managing the night-time view. Very good feedback, I appreciate it! :)

I'm impressed with the procedurally generated map! My only real big issue was two things:

  1. Lighting was way too dark. Was Ambient Occlusion
  2. I'd occasionally have my sword disappear. I could still hear it, and it was doing damage though.

I'm very curious, how does one learn to make procedurally generated maps like this? Regardless, amazing job! :)

I've built the 32bit version, it's now included here!
As far as I've tested it, it should behave exactly the same as the 64bit version. Performance could differ though. Thanks for taking the time to try my little game :)

For anyone reading this, don't be afraid to post negative comments! I want to learn and figure out how a better game could be made. Where could I have improved things to make it fun, or where I could have cut down on.

I do believe I made the island way too large and too sparsely filled with interactables.

Thank you for the feedback! I am aware of the bug where you return to the main menu after playing and re-entering doesn't work. This seemed to be a bug in the Unity3D Linux version, as even after trying a new project I experienced the same issue.

Sorry for the bland world! I wanted to fill it with more greenery and interactables, but I ran into issues with baking the Lightmaps and baking the Nav Mesh which cost me too much time.

I should have put more information in the instructions, I definitely missed out putting how the player moves. WASD is correct and E is indeed the pickup key. Seriously, thank you for taking the time to try it and reporting your experience back to me, I appreciate it :)