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Oh okay. Sorry my bad, usually i just refer to anyone he. Thanks for explaining!

Hey I played your game. It was very fun to play, I didn't play it that long in the video but after some time playing it offline. I'm sorry that I don't understand what the game is suppose to symbolize, but I get what it is trying to convey. Good luck to your future and career. Thank you for providing the game.

Hope you don't mind I made a video of your game. 

Hey I played your game Who am I. It enjoyed the short platform puzzle game! It was really fun to be honest, but it was just to short which made me sad :(

Anyways good luck to your future games. Hope you don't mind I made a video of this game. :3

Hey I played your game Snowball! It was actually a pretty cool concept! I know it's just a demo but you don't have to listen to me. You should add HP bar to the player and a HP bar for the car. Cause right now when I was playing, I was pretty much on god mode and the snowmans did not aim for the car at all. You should add more spawns for the snowmans, 3  is not enough in my opinion, maybe have like continuous spawning? Also where the lake or whatever it is, the snowman's could not get down their, maybe make a platform where they can come down? Once again I enjoyed playing it for a good 10 minutes, good luck to your future updates on this game! Hope you don't mind I made a video on it! :)

Skip to 7:10 for my perspective if you want.

Hey! I played Tama Coffee! It was a great concept idea of making a coffee growing game. I enjoyed playing it and had quite a laugh, the coffee was just so adorable and cute. Smiling at me, I felt like I done something bad if I don't clean it and that lol. I hope you don't mind I made a perspective of me playing it. And good luck to your future games! Skip to 6:10 for my perspective.

I played survival shooter and it's a alright game. Usually in my opinion I would play these types of wave and wave games to just pass the time. This was my experience playing it! Skip to 5:45 for my perspective. I'd say it didn't last very long as it was very repetitive, no new guns, same monsters and map.

No worries thanks for providing the game!

Hey dude! Cool game! I had a good fun for 10 minutes, it reminded me of Super Hot since you had 5 seconds to move and 5 seconds to shoot. It was a pretty cool concept and I enjoyed playing till all the waves! Good luck to your future Jams and hope you don't mind I made a gameplay!

Skip to 4:50 if you want to see my perspective of Prototime

Heya dude! F**K YOU TOO!! Nah all jokes aside this game was really funny in it's own way. I know it's made for fun and everything but nice! I had a good laugh at the end. it's like just travelling all around the place and checking the game out, I get a "rude" final message. Lol Hope you don't mind a i made  let's play! Good luck on your future Game Jams!

Hey Layar!

Just wanted to share my experience! Thx!

Hey KrisWB. Go ahead!

Great game! I really enjoyed it! Survive as an orphan and making your own group. It reminded me of warcraft abit (I know it is not related to the topic). You can have 1 kid do that, and another kid do this. As for the price I'd have to say no as it is still updating, as much as I would want to buy this game, but for now its a no due to the game still updating. Thanks for releasing a demo though, it gave me a insight view of how it is played and I got to experience the gameplay and mechanics of Orphan Age! Good lucky to your team and future update towards the game,  I will be looking foward to it :)

Hope you don't mind I made a video on Orphan Age, I just wanted to share my experience and first time playthrough. 

Hey! I played your game office rage! I was really funny! I enjoyed playing it, the guy was flopping all over the place when moving. Those workers trying to stop him was funny. To bad it was to short :(

Anyways thanks for providing the game! Hope you don't mind I made a video on it! :)

Hey! I checked out your game Doors! I gotta say it was pretty confusing to solve it at first but I got the hang of it! Sadly I wish there was more but it ended so soon :(. Oh wells it is what it is ! It's a great puzzle game, have to look at the room and every hint you can find so you can progress further! Thanks for providing the game hope ya don't mind i made a video on it :)

Captain Bauldy's Fun House! It's a great game whoever is checking this out! Short horror game where you can test you skills of knowledge and travel around the place!

Thanks for translating the game into english!

Hey sorry I gotta leave a comment here because on your other game, I couldn't leave a comment their, I wanted to give feedback to your game. LD41 - Captain Bauldy's Fun House!

I enjoyed that short horror game especially the end... The game always kept me on edge, the doors opening slowly, the game was not really to hard to understand, it was to simply just open doors and explore.  Lol...

Anyways thanks for providing the game and good luck to your future games! :)

Hope you don't mind I made a let's play on it!

Hey! I enjoyed your game! It was very simple to understand, find keys and avoid from getting caught by the butler that's roaming around.

This is just my issue about the butler. I respawned and he was already in the door next to me, so I only lived for like a good 10 seconds and got caught.  There were also times where the butler chases me then if I get to some random area's he would just stare at me and go away??

One  thing is the torch, I don't mind but when you move your character it's like kind of annoying that the torch swirls like that when moving around

Overall I liked the game, it wasn't to hard or to easy. Hope you don't mind I recorded it! :) Good luck to your future games!

Hey I checked out your visual novel! It was a good short read I enjoyed it! It suited best being around 30minutes. What luck for a streamer! If only if that happened to real life. 

Overall great visual novel! Hope you make more like this if you want! I will check it out any time. Hope you don't made I made a let's play :3

Asia and Japan have great ping, it's about 100ms. At least it's playable. Fortunately no one plays on that server, it's mostly the USA

Call of duty like! I find it fun! No one plays australia :(. I'm forced to play 200ms in US

Good luck on that! Best of luck :)

Hey! I checked out Inch by Inch! It was a really fun puzzle game! I loved the fact that I actually got smaller and couldn't reach some places and had to stack some things onto eachother. I had a lot of fun playing the game, to bad it's short and I wished there should be multiple levels or harder levels. It's up to you.

Overall I enjoyed playing the game and goodluck to your future games. :)

I hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :3

Hey! I checked out your game volleyshot! I really enjoyed it! I could see this game being very successful when released and been noticed by more larger people. So far I've had no issues playing the game yet but I really enjoyed that you can play local with controller as well. Good luck to your game and your future! 

I hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :3

Dw I know it was a fun project. It was just the usual complaint, as I said before. You can listen to me if you want. I didn't like the game but I enjoyed the way it was suppose to be played like, I've never seen a game that requires you to wait every 20 seconds to regen energy. All and all, in the end it's all love my dude.

Hey I played your game Fatso. I gotta say I never ever played a game like this before and it has a unique gameplay to it. Althought there was some bad movement controls. He wouldn't work properly in the direction I wanted him to walk in and I think you should not make the player restart all the way back to the beginning if they enter out of a store or working. I found this very boring the first 10 minutes. It's very time consuming considering the time it takes to regenerate the energy and when you walk it's gone within a matter of seconds. There isn't much places to explore and if you only earn 2 dollars at work. I'm pretty sure it's going to take hours to just get to level 2 or even 3 in fat. 

Overall I enjoyed the unique experience of it. I hope you don't mind I made a let's play!

Hey! I played you guys visual novel and it was really a great short visual novel read. It was really funny and I enjoyed the read. Specially how it was valentines day.  I liked how colorful and cheerful it was, bright and happy! 

Overall I loved this visual novel! Lmao that part where the games crashes if you open the door, I didn't think it'd actually work. Anyways I hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :3

Yay the shop as been added! Great update! I'm enjoying it!

Hey! I played Vacancy. It was a great puzzle game. I enjoyed it though I'm really confused about the ending, what was the ending meant to be? I like how it said short 15-30 minute puzzle game, lol it took be like an hour. 

Overall I enjoyed this puzzle game, it was a pretty unique puzzle game, controlling the radio with different dimensions.

Hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :)

Good luck! I look foward to the update! :)

Cute game! Adorable! I was wondering does the Sleep work? It seems like she never want's to sleep. Great fun game, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :3

Hey! I checked out your game! For a one man job I'm amazed. The graphics were good looking. The gameplay is pretty good as well. Although how do i find out who the suspect is? I tried interacting and walking around the whole house. It shows no clues, unless is hasn't been added yet? Overall I'd say this game can be pretty good. Finding out who the criminal is and pointing which it is.

Hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :)

Thx! :)