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Hey I checked out your game! It's a good simulation game of the microwave! Just sitting there and trying to get that thing open!

Btw up to you if you want to listen but I think you should let the player get more gold. Every time you blow up the chest in the microwave you get about 4~15 normally but I rarely got any jackpot which was 40+ gold. You have the light bulb unlocked at $200, it took me 10mins to get $200, after that you have another item after the light bulb costing $1000. I thought the light bulb would get me more gold but it seems like the same result of the  batteries. Plus you have to spend $500 to put more stuff in the microwave capacity. All I'm just saying that, I don't think much people will enjoy this if it's like this. If you want to get to the good part of the game, it's like saying you have to spend at least 1hour on playing the game.

I' m just being honest but I started getting bored of Microwave Story. All I did was just click batteries over and over til i can unlock the next thing. If it says "microwave story" judging from the title, it shouldn't take to long to open the chest. It's like dragging the game out to dam long. It's a story, people might want to know what's in that chest but they can't, they have to invest a good amount of time into the game to get to that part. I feel like I'm repeating myself, all i'm just saying is that let the player get more gold or any bonuses.
Like I can imagine myself getting $1000+ gold in 30minutes. But it's just rinse and repeat. 

I probably did not make sense and sorry for making you read all of that, but I hope you don't mind me making a let's play on it.

Hey! I checked out your game, it was great! The spiders and weird face. Good luck on the VR game you're making!

Hey! Great game!

Hey! I checked out your game and I have to say it is really good! Short horror game with confusing endings but whatever! I enjoyed it! Gave me a scare and some new pants! Thanks for providing the game and good luck to your future games and career!! :)

Hey! I tried out you guys game! It was pretty good to be honest. Even though you created it for your exam, I still enjoyed it, it was atmopsheric and creepy, gave me creepy vibes, you should definitely make more games. Also i hope you got a good mark for your exam :3

Hey! Escape from house was pretty short, I think you shouldn't have made like made a narrator help the player, because in my opinion I think the goal is to let the player solve the way out on their own. I like the humor in the game. I don't want to offend you or your game, but it was not so good. I haven't explored every route (if there is) but judging by the ending.

Some advice if you want to listen.

You should use Novelty or some kind of visual novel maker, if you're planning to make a another game like this, click and choices and routes. Use a visual novel maker, it's much more better at doing this and you can even add images, sound effects, music, characters. All sorts. And it's not really hard to use. I felt like this was rushed, black screen and you have to use your mind to imagine the scenery you're in. It's just text and sounds. The music in my opinion didn't really suit the situation and state that the player was in. The sound effects sounded off, like the dog barking and cracking door sound, whatever it was.

I hope you don't mind that I made a let's play on it. As always good luck to your future games and career! :3

Hey! Colored feelings was very fun and enjoyable to read! I hope you make more. Oh man what a twist!

Hey man! I checked out your game and I gotta say it was alright for me, I felt like more of a farming game to me than a environment musical creation.  Anyways thanks for providing the game!

Man! I absolutely loved the graphics, the music also felt really fitted in with the gameplay! Good luck to your future games!

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Hey man! MonO was a great short game! I really enjoyed it and how you had to get through the platforms by changing forms. Wish it was longer, was having fun till it just finished :(

Created a new topic Confusing but interesting!

Hey man! When I first booted the game up, I was like wtf do I do... Till I just kind of discovered everything after 10 mins. It's alright game I'd say, thewastetime.exe and google docs being there! Also the cat noise is so annoying! Btw is the marker actually a teacher?? Teacher sure sounds like a douchebag...

Hey man! Garbage Truck Simulator was a well made simulation. On point! Collecting garbage and driving a truck!

Hey man! I really enjoyed playing Summer Nightmare, looking forward to the full release.  One of a unique visual novel I have ever played during my careers of reading VN's. Great early access! Hope to see the full release and best of luck to your game. So far if I get more into it, I surely will buy it, as it has already got my attention! 

Well good luck mate in your future updates!

Hey man! I checked out Pixel Heist! I gotta say it is pretty good. The online feature should be like a server thing cause some people may not have friends on steam that is online so they can't play with anyone except AI bots. Or there should be like a local play maybe. Not sure up to you mate.

When I shoot someone, I'm pretty sure they are suppose to be stumbling but w/e, doesn't really matter. So far I found no glitches or any problems except this has potential to be greenlit and so on.

Also for the tutoiral, I had to change out of the disguise suit in order to crouch.