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Hey! I enjoyed your game! It was very simple to understand, find keys and avoid from getting caught by the butler that's roaming around.

This is just my issue about the butler. I respawned and he was already in the door next to me, so I only lived for like a good 10 seconds and got caught.  There were also times where the butler chases me then if I get to some random area's he would just stare at me and go away??

One  thing is the torch, I don't mind but when you move your character it's like kind of annoying that the torch swirls like that when moving around

Overall I liked the game, it wasn't to hard or to easy. Hope you don't mind I recorded it! :) Good luck to your future games!


Absolutely loved watching your video! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and that we were able to get some reactions out of you with the Butler.

The biggest challenge was probably getting the Butler's AI to work correctly in such an amount of time. This is probably where a lot of improvement could be done to feel more balanced. As for the torch, it was intended to be delayed, in a way to remove some of your sense of control, but it might need some tweaks as well.

You got so close to finishing it. Thanks for playing it!