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Hey KINAT14!

We didn't do any extensive optimization and didn't check system requirements since this game was made in a 48-hour game jam. The game uses a lot of dynamic lighting on Unreal Engine 4 and currently has no in-game options menu to tweak performance.  I hope this can give you enough reference points for system requirements based on your experience.

We're working on a new version of The Butler, and we'll be making sure to have better in-game options and a better idea of system requirements.

Hope this helps

Hey Fellowplayer! Thanks for playing our game and adding it to your collection. We just announced an update with more content for our game and we just published to Gamejolt as well!

Thanks for playing and sharing our work Phenominis! Sorry for the anti-climatic ending! The feedback of the community has been incredible and we'll be working on a new update with more content!

Thanks for playing! Finally someone that runs into the appropriate rooms to get a key to light up. Very nice use of the mechanic there to help you finish it.

Thanks for playing and sharing! Glad you had a good time. The 12 keys are randomized, so I'm not sure where they could have been (couldn't tell from the Gameplay). Also run button: noted!

I absolutely loved how you were convinced that you could only listen for the whistling to feel safe. Enjoyed your reaction! Thanks for sharing our work!

Thanks for playing and sharing our work. Congrats on getting down to 4 keys! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing Diplow! Based on what I see, I believe you were the unlucky 6 people that downloaded the very first version we uploaded, which had a few more instability and balancing issues. Glad you liked the idea though!

I like how you trash-talked the Butler at the end! He probably won't recover from you getting him caught behind that piano.

Hey Nathan! Thank you so much for playing and sharing the experience. You indeed got lucky to complete it on your first round. You did pick up on the mechanics very quickly and were able to use the questions to your advantage.

Also loved the little section of feedback and advice at the end of your video.

Absolutely loved watching your video! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and that we were able to get some reactions out of you with the Butler.

The biggest challenge was probably getting the Butler's AI to work correctly in such an amount of time. This is probably where a lot of improvement could be done to feel more balanced. As for the torch, it was intended to be delayed, in a way to remove some of your sense of control, but it might need some tweaks as well.

You got so close to finishing it. Thanks for playing it!