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Great game! I really enjoyed it! Survive as an orphan and making your own group. It reminded me of warcraft abit (I know it is not related to the topic). You can have 1 kid do that, and another kid do this. As for the price I'd have to say no as it is still updating, as much as I would want to buy this game, but for now its a no due to the game still updating. Thanks for releasing a demo though, it gave me a insight view of how it is played and I got to experience the gameplay and mechanics of Orphan Age! Good lucky to your team and future update towards the game,  I will be looking foward to it :)

Hope you don't mind I made a video on Orphan Age, I just wanted to share my experience and first time playthrough. 


Thank you so much for your support and for YT video you made ! :D


Hey Layar!

Just wanted to share my experience! Thx!


Hey Myerax, 

Would you mind if we shared this video across our social networks? 


Hey KrisWB. Go ahead!