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Thank you very much Raithias ! :D

Hi ! On which platform are you on, and with which hardware please ?

Hey ! Thank you for your report, I adding this bug in the bugtracker ;)

Damn... we do not have tested it on mac, we only know that for most players on mac it works... Have you tried to lower the settings ?

Ahah specs is probably not very english, my bad ^^
What platform are you on and what's your hardware ?

Thank you tenchfroast for your kinds words, we're currently fixing texts size, and I hope this will be fixed next week !

Outch... Can you tell me your spec please ?

Hey Raithias ! Thank you very much for your warm support and for this youtube video !

Hey It must be resolved ;)

Hey thank you ! I just fixed it, you can now download the linux version ;)

Yes ! from 7 to 10 ;)

Thank you for your video ! :D

Hey thank you very much for the report, I'll see what's going on with Steam asap
For I put direct links right above ;)

It seems that there's a problem with downloads, here's the direct links : 

Windows 64bit
Windows 32bit

Sorry for inconvenience

Hey UHDG ! Thanks for your support !
Unfortunately Save & Load are locked in the demo :/

Hello ! Thank you for playing Orphan Age !
Text size is one of our biggest weakness, lot of people asking us to fix that and we will do ! It's a long work because there's lot of texts in the game and modifying size will transform/change all the interfaces ^^'

ahah cool to read that !
The first one selected is a boy then a girl, a boy, a girl ....

Of course we hope that our game will work on as much computers as possible, I think that the demo already works under windows 7-8 but we don't have any computer with win7-8 to test it ^^'

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Hi Sandpixie, the game is still in development, we will launch a private alpha in 2 weeks on Steam and an Early Access will be launch this winter! :)

Thank you so much for your support and for YT video you made ! :D

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Thank you very much for testing the demo and sharing your point of view with us! :)
We love receiving negative reviews because they allow us to improve the game. I have to tell you that you just played an early version of the game (the problems with resolutions and texts sizes are known and will be fixed asap) so a lot of things will be polished with the feedbacks of the community ;)

Thank you Linasi ! :)