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Glad to report that the freezing bug has disappeared in the Steam version! Now I am playing without problems and enjoying the game very much!

Regarding Visual freezing bug: your statement that "it's very unlikely to happen more than once in a playthrough" seems a bit inaccurate.

I have been playing the game for two hours and it happened at least 10 times, I really have lost count.

It can happen at any time. Most frequently, the text box freezes and you can't continue a dialogue, you just need to start over.

Other times where it did occur: when beating Stella at the DFA battle, or just roaming around in the casino.

I am now saving the game at the end of each dialogue. I'll keep playing until the end because I really like everything about this game. I would have bought the Steam version too, but not with this sort of bugs.

Is it possible to install it with the game manager? It does not work for me.


That didn't work for me, but I switched off Avast before playing, and it solved my problems

Very charming and soothing game, interesting puzzle mechanics