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wow, thank you so much for including us in your stream we really appreciate it!

haha glad you figured it out!

Incredible game, doubly impressive that it was solo-developed for a jam! It took me a minute to realize I had to move the camera to find that final marble ;)

thanks for checking out our game!

thanks for checking it out!

our game should take less than 10 minutes!

It was kind of jarring to have the whole screen swipe left when entering a new room. A smoother transition would definitely help

I actually found it was helpful to not have W pressed a lot, just when inclining

the most fun game I've played from the jam so far! I was using a trackpad which made it even more stressful/engaging haha

I recommend including directions either in the description or (even better) in the game itself

haha I love that stepping on a lego drains your life - so true!

I loved the aesthetics and cute candy assets! This prototype could definitely be expanded into a cozy game

I like the perspective of the microscope. I would have loved to see more detail in the visuals and to have a faster eating mechanic

I love the idea of clefs as dimensions! This was great practice, I kept having to make the mental switch. It would be fun to have a leaderboard so you can compare how you did with others

I thought Red was a cute character! Very interesting to limit the mechanic to right and left movement, it added to the challenge of not touching any surfaces

thanks for checking out our game!

thanks, glad you enjoyed the game!

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

thanks for playing!

glad you had a good think over our puzzles!


glad we puzzled you haha thanks for playing!

thanks for the encouragement!

I'll have to check that title out! thanks for playing

thanks for your enthusiasm and for including the screenshot! glad you enjoyed our game :)

thanks, glad we hit the sweet spot!


thanks for the feedback! we had a big international team including european jammers so we named ourselves Team Sixers in part for the six-hour time difference :)

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


I haven't played that before, I'll need to check it out! thanks for playing and glad our game brought back good memories :)

nice to hear we met the goldilocks standard, thanks for playing!

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

haha the butterflies are magic so the licking isn't that kind of trip! if you were to lick the frog, however, that might be a different story lol

glad you figured it out haha hope it was a fun challenge!

thank you so much for sharing how you felt about the story! I'm glad you enjoyed our game :)

thanks, glad you liked it!

cool, we'll have to check your game out as well!