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Nice game loved it !

Great story , the art was good too , the story was a bit long and slow , but I am not the best at story games so my opinion is from a novice perspective , overall good job !



I had to stop my self from playin it again and again

The graphics , Sound and fun were all great , 5 stars for me

The game was highly polished and the graphics and sound design was great ! , a 5 star in the graphics and sound categories , the game play was fun and engaging to , I couldn't complete the game due to my sloppy hands : )

I would just suggest adding a bit of kayote time and more snappy controls , this makes platforming a bit easier 

but over all the game was pretty good : )


thanks a lot !


Yeah the movement scheme is very different,  I was using a mouse the whole time , so that is what I kept lol

I would suggest using a mouse and giving the game another try, but even if you dont Thanks for playing the game !

np :  )

Thanks a lot for playing the game !

Thanks for playin' the game !

I am very sorry for the bugs and caps issue with the fonts I was in a hurry and just downloaded the first font I saw without checking its variations,  plus I had only 3 days lol

But thanks for finishing and giving your much valued feedback, I really really appreciated someone who plays and most importantly gives feedback so thanks a ton !

I will surely try your game and give feedback 

Thanks again !

Love the concept and art , sfx are also great , good job and kudos , I just had a small suggestions , it seems to me that the hitboxes/colliders fo the spikes are a bit large , that fixed along with some kayote time will make this a finished and polished game , overall pretty good

Hey , hands on most innovative game till now , the isolation of animals was a great idea and tied into the concept nicely , it was executed nicely too , the graphics and sound design is excellent , Kudos :)

well , it was the first time I heard of the song lol, but its ok : )

if you did finish the game , try the easter egg , dm me at sanddukeman on discord or check the easter-egg-spoilers channel

thanks for playing : )

Ohh , very sorry for the misunderstanding

Loved the concept , Loved the sound design , Loved the Graphics , but I had a few suggestions , a bit of kayote time and some increased jump height would do the trick , but I really loved the theme interpretation and everything else , so a 5star from me

The graphics were great and the sound design was good  , the idea was also original

, yet I couldnt find any tomes...

Love the whispering when the mental health dips

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um , Thanks for playin' it  !

I am extremely sorry for any bugs you faced , I joined the jam late , so I had to cut the corners , but I'm glad that the game was submitted 😁

Thanks a lot giving it a try even when you were "in rage" after reading the theme implementation , I really appreciate your feedback , thanks you  !

thanks : )

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hmm , maybe I need to re visit the code a bit : )

btw did you finish it ?

if you did , try the easter egg , its just a small joke but I've posted it in the easter eggs channel

Played it but my butter fingers could'nt beat it lol , Great game , great graphics , and the sound design was also good! I got stuck in the 5th or 6th level , I dont remember but I was at fault not the game , pretty good for 7 days, A 5 star game for me

Kudos !

Thanks !

I got stuck by pushing the box to far off 🤣 , but the art , sound and atmosphere was encaptivating , nice assets too , overall good game !

Nice atmosphere , but I had to reload every time I got the block stuck in places where it was unreachable, Which made a bit angry , but I liked the idea of boxes and switches manipulating the environment 

Overall good game

Great Art and concept the platforming was fun and intense , I think I god stuck in the fuel thingy , but I really really liked the concept Kudos 5 starts in art for me !

Super new concept and movement mechanics , loved the sound design , but I got stuck in some level where the red lines follow me , I really love the concept and interpretation of such a hard theme , great game ! Kudos

thanks a lot !

Dont forget to rate it 😁

I liked the game , the control scheme was a bit weird C to shoot took me time to get used to , but I liked the art style the concept and sfx , good game !

Hey, the game was very laggy on the browser and I couldn't understand the text 😁

but I really liked the graphics and ambient sound

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The game was way to hard for my butter fingers : )

I did have fun the the controls tho , even till the part I covered , the game was fun and well designed

The art style was visually encapsulating and sound effects were nice !

Overall good game !

I had fun playing the game, but I think I couldn't get past level 4, or 5

The art style and sound design was great !

The game was unique

thanks !

thanks !

I only had 3 days so I had to crunch and used the first font that I found without checking its variations 

But I'm happy you gave the game a try and finished it !

Great game , but I am a bit confused as this was made for the ludum dare too right ?

Thanks !

I had only 3 days to work on the game , so it turned out crappy , but thanks for playin' it

Great game man , I aint have words !

Thanks a lot !

very very sorry for these bugs, I am to fix them in a post jam patch, v sorry again : (

oh crap, I need to fix the res now

Very sorry guys

oh very sorry for the bugs

I will continue work on this game post jam and am planning on increasing its scope.

This feedback is very valuable.... 

Thanks a lot for playing the game, and sorry for the bugs, I joined the jam a day late so the game is pretty crappy....