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thanks, i'll upload the html5 version

like the speed of the player's movements, the idea to eat fish to add hp is quite interesting.

thank you,

I've never thought of that before.

it looks like I will implement an upgrade system like that later.

your game are fun too, btw. i like the player movement  ⚡

thank you,
Obviously this game really needs to be tweaked 😅

very interesting mechanics. 

the music is cool too, but the coolest is in the mechanics.

I can play this all day  XD

quite like the narrative and the music.

thank you,
next time I will update with some improvements from the existing bugs.
honestly there are still many bugs that can be found if you keep playing 😬

"there is first time for everything."

it's my first jam too, btw

the art is cool, just hope that one day I can make something similar too.

simple and fun

Thank you for your complement. to be honest, I'm a little lacking in confidence to get a good response for my first game 😅