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I see, there is a grenade hides between of the houses, then if you switch and search for the tower the game doesnt continue due a bug, know I can update the game

That is a great game, only bug encountered was switching between the two worlds and the fact, that you can use it before the first dialouge. Else, great art and sound design, satisfying movement and a good dialouge system. Keep it up!

Great game, I played it trough and I love the atmosphere, sound design and 3d environment are both well made. Also autoshoot works well, however if you move away from the enemies you can easy kill them, but still not totally unbalanced! I also liked the animations of the ships in the sky and the munition above the player, well done! Maybe more and different tasks with levels would be really great to see! Keep it up!

Thank you very much! Yes, finally he was helped :D I wanted something creative so I thought that would be great, I'm happy you liked it!

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Thank you! I know instructions would be good but my time ran out, I really loved to make the sound design too :D

This game looks awesome, also nice to choose between two weapons and the sound effects! I think the second one is op, because you can nearly shoot all the time with a high range and sometimes you shoot trough walls and kill the zombies, which even doesn't notice you. The spawn animation and the walking of the monsters looks great, however most of the time you can spawntrap them. Also noticed a bug at the end where there stands "-2 monsters left", and after that I was dead. I know it's tough to submit it in 48 hours, but the game is really great and has a nice feeling, keep it up!

That is a great review, I totally agree. Also picking up was quite strange, because the triggering collider seems to be under the player. Here is a screenshot of the dialouge issue:

Keep it up!

It was... like a fewer dream xD I didn't understand anything at all in the first time, but then I understand it... and hey where is my bow with arrow I took with me :,( Maybe some sounds would spice it up! Also making the reset as a button or as the R key would help instead using the F2 key.  Great game, keep it up!

I can agree with all other persons commenting and giving critical feedback, sound, attack difficulty/variaties and the feedback of attacking or beeing attacked are the main points, else it is a great game! Also I noticed that the enclocypedia is already there before you talk with the wizard, maybe hiding it before talking would make the story structured and clear because first I skipped the wizzard so I didn't know about the story. Keep it up, it's great!

Oh, be aware about it, because like you saw, it only can be deleted, sorry for that, you're welcome, we all learn from that mistakes, keep it up my friend :)

The game is really great, first I thought we would drive in the city but of course that would be to much for 48 hours, the environment is really beautiful. Despite the text and grammer issues at the beginning, the game could be expand so much so I hope you will continue this work! Keep it up, maybe you can make a switch between flying and riding!

Great game, no fighting but more logical outrunning, I like that! Also the game isn't hard or easy and the atmosphere is great! Also the placement of them are great, not to much. I encountered the bug that after you got the tool (first of three) but then get the tractor key, it didn't updated it until I found the car battery. This game could be developed further with more levels and more mechanics, like crafting, hiding and more! Keep it up!

Okay, I wanted to be sure that it wasn't like that. Thank you, I put a lot of work into the environment. Keep up and thank you for your reply <3

I loved the environment and I got all 8 collectibles (then I didn't found the end of the game). Therefore I can say that the game has a great design and a nice character to controll. I'm not sure but I think a lot of colliders are missing and also the puzzles can be skipped (for example the statues in the jails, if you go around to the right spot). Maybe sound effects would fullfill the feeling and I hope this game will be developed further, keep it up!

You're welcome! :D Glad to see you keep it up!

So apperantly my comment wasn't saved, so I try my best to recover it:

First of all I like your game, it was short but fun! Also the story was hilarious but I think some people would find this a little bit offensive (like the wife that always complain about anything). I think with some voice effects and sound effects it would make the cutscene funnier xD I encountered a bug of collision, I'm not a Unity expert but it seems to be the type of colliders (f.e. "Continous" or "Interpolate"), my tip would be to do a research about the 2D colliders. Also I liked the artstyle and the environment! I think saving the rotation of the player even he is standing would be great (so after you ran to the left side he stills looks at he left side and don't turn back), so you have the weapon in front of you. Keep it up and I would like to see your future updates!

No problem, that happens, I figured it out and it was fun!

Sorry if my comment seems to hard, the fact that you made this environment and all the other stuff in this short time is impressive! I also have a lack of the programming part, I'm interested to see your updates!

I'm glad too :) I also wanted to add music but ran out of time

You're welcome! It is still impressive to do that in this amount of time, so congratulations! And yes time... :) but it was good that you focused on the important part! Nice to see your interest to continue your game!

No problem, bugs happens and the same type of bug happend to me (it was a single number :(. And especially if you programmed it at the beginning. Keep it up!

You're welcome, but fortunality it was only at the end so it isn't that critical!

You're welcome, happy to see make you happy :D If I understand you correct, you did a procedural generation with random rotations? Thats awesome! And yes bugs are big problems in this game jam, me too :) Keep it up!

Thank you, I will do that :D

You're welcome :D I used the threw mechanics and I pressed Z, I killed all ghosts but unfortunately the Z key didnt worked for me, but with Y (sorry for the misunderstanding), maybe the input/keyboard layout seems to be different.

Thank you for your comment and advice <3 I don't use Brave as browser so I didn't know that, I will add it as a hint, thanks! 

Hello niksecho, thank you! Yes I noticed that it needed more instructions. Yes, the textbox will stay there forever so you can read the task. And yes, some tips would be good but ran out of time :( Thank you for your comment <3

I know, like I wrote several times I didn't have the time, but thank you for playing I will try to add them later :D

It looks fantastic, the graphics and the effects of the people and the thoughts are great! The beginning was a little bit hard but ok after some tries. I read all of your text and I know the sliding mechanics are hard, I couldn't finished it but it is really awesome and I hope you keep it up! Maybe some ingame instructions could help it out

Thank you, I actually spent my time mainly on design, the programming was a few hours before the deadline :=) Like in the text below, he says "T", maybe you press this button ;)

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Thank you :) Yes, it seems that everyone didnt know what to do after that, like I wrote to the others, you need to look at the skyscraper left to the ambulance so you can interact with it (Visual hint qill appear). Also please note, that at some point the game will not continue so I posted a fix in the description (but it isnt allowed, so please only play this version, after interacting the tower the game stucks). T hank you for your time <3

Totally agree with him, keep it up!

Great game, I liked the idea, that is simple but fun! I don't understand what exactly the explore theme has to do here, but I think you mean the new Aliens with different illneses. Only issues I encountered was that I could mix up everything but it was rated like it was right, so it was overall not challenging. I appreciate the increasing difficulty! Also the pieces under the liquid didn't went well because it was blocked by the physics so I needed to carry them out of screen. Keep it up, I enjoy it very much!

I totally agree with you, interesting concept and nice gameplay, keep it up!

I liked the art and also the idea to dodge enemies instead of fight them. I didn't finished it, but it was entertaining and challenging! The fullscreen toggle in the menu seems to work in the opposite way. Keep it up and continue this good work!

First of all, nice that you made it and made multiple levels with the difficulty rising. However I wasn't able to shoot and didn't understand the purpose or the goal beside of entering the next levels. Most of the time I can outrun the monsters and sometimes they are suprsingly there and I lost. Keep it up, because it can be developed so much! My only big question is, why didn't you use the WASD Layout because it was strange to controll it with one hand.

I appreciate that you two give him helpful tips for godot and the game itself, from my site it is simple but it can be really enhanced and there is so much you can do, music, animation (I liked the movement of the key) and so on, keep it up! I didn't noticed a bug

Wow, are really good and enjoyable game! The graphics, animations. sounds and mechanics are well done! Keep it up, it is a great game! Only bug I found was that near the magnesia powered door, there is a part where the ground is floating and also the ground disappears if you dig, but that is the only annoying thing.

Simple but enjoyable, I liked it! Also nice to have two versions of maze, keep it up!

Really great, it was challenging but possible and also the design is awesome. Keep it up, maybe some more events would spice it up!

I can agree with the other two, also I noticed, that you can't hide the last message, but else great job! Keep it up, I liked the orbiting of the planets!