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Hi gamecoder95, thank you for your comment and kind words :D That make us happy to improve our game!

Thank you again :)

Best regards


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Thank you for your ideas :D Yes, some of this things I already want to do, so thank you and I will notify you, if the game is very, very changed :D

Hello Sola,  thank you, that you added it to your list for the expanding of your game :D I'm also happy, that I could helped you with my review :)

Yay, survived 53 enemies :) Nice easy game, but sometimes the enemies are too slow.

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Sorry for the bugs :( Unfortunately, the game stucks sometimes, so sorry for the glitch problems and the traps.

Thank you :D I'm happy, that you streamed my game :=)

Thank you ;D

PS: Do you know, that you can shoot on bombs to avoid damage?

Hi iNova42,

you're welcome :)

Yes, the sounds that you talk about would be nice :D

Yes, that is very kinda, that you didn't updated your game in the voting period,

so it is very nice!

And yes, I know how it is, to make a code at the last day before the deadline :)

But anyway, the artwork and the game are very good!

So, I hope you get the result in the game jam what you deserve! :)

Best regards


Hi Sekai02, thank you so much for your oppinion and critic! That will help us, to improve our game!

It looks good even though the details are on a small scale. So my congratulations to the artist (s).

Thank you first, but ehmmm.... thank the artist 0x72, who gave his nice asset for free, and yes... but hey, I mean, we designed the level, so....


here is his link (I'm also credit him in the disclaimer, but maybe it don't load, because it safe the view with PlayerPrefs, so maybe  I made it wrong):  

As for the gameplay, the game feels good, the controls and the movement of the character are very well taken care of.

Thank you :D That make us  happy, woho, coding skills (lol I don't have one)

But it lacks elements that make it fun, at least for me.

Yes, you're right! I wanted to add more robots, so you need to shoot at them with the pistol in our second world/level, but I didn't have enough time, so I focused at the last day before the deadline with bugfixes and designing the site, so anyone can play without problems.

I will fix that after the voting period, so it's fair for all.

I liked sounds and music a lot too. They are well contextualized.

Thank you again! We found this sound as royaltiy free, so we wanted to use that. We wanted to make our song or music, but we don't have any experience, so it would be take to much time.

If we can developing our game further, we will try to make our own music.


I also liked the way they included the tutorial.

Thank you! Yes, my friend @Maxim_der_Erste, who made artist-work and also the programming, had the idea and I liked it. So we take his idea and used it as a tutorial.

About the tileset again: My friend is a very good artist (and animator), but we are new to unity, so we used the tileset first.

In the future, my friend and I want to make our own tileset, so it is then not from an another person.

So, thank you so much for your review and opinion and we hope, that the game will be improved like you wanted it.

Also we hope, that your game get the result in the game jam, that it is deserve!

Best regards and thank you again!


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Hi Sekai02, the game is a story about the little robot called HSD-34 (Humanoid Surveillance Drone - 34), who is the only one of the robot with  a consciousness. So more about that, you can find in our description:

Reboot is a 2D adventure platformer game in which you control a small robot called HSD-34 through various abandoned places. He has been reactivated (rebooted?) in an old facility for no known reason and is now searching his origin. Along the way, many dangers and puzzles await him, which the player must avoid or solve in order to reach one of the portals that connect important points on Earth.

Hope, you get the idea.

Best regars


You're welcome :)

Then sorry, I thought you changed the game big, but then, it's ok :)

Keep the great work! :D

Hi dice68, you're welcome.

Please don't take the game as an attack on your skills!

Your game is great, I only diudn't understand little thing, that is all!

Anyone starts and don't write the best code, so don't be sad!

I hope, you will improve your game and I'm excited on this update :)

But please make the update after the voting period, so it's for all fair.

Anyway, thank you for your answer and your sight of your game! :)

Have also a nice day!

I love this game an I like it, so I want to tell you my opinion about your game:

Theme Relevance:

The game is completly nice an it has the theme "rebirth", so I don't see anything bad, well done! I like the idea, that you spawn as an another hero and you can collect lifes/rebirths.


The gameplay is also nice, but it still has things, that I want to tell you:

First, to be fair, I will rate your game about the version, that you released before the deadline, because I saw, that you updated it later in the voting period.

In that time, the game has bugs like, that enemies still attacked me, although they are dying.

Also it was to easy to win, so I only need to spam and I will win forever, so I wished a better system, that make the game harder with the drawn time.

Anyway, the gameplay is very nice and well done, it makes fun!


The artwork is fine and very professional! Also the animation and the design of the enemies/heroes are very good!

Very good job!

So, I can't say anything bad about this.


The audio is also very nice! The sound design of all parts fit very well in the game!

But the only thing is, that, if a lot of enemies spawns and I kill them, the audio is overloaded and that is annoying, but not bad.

Maybe the sound, where the player collides with the plant could be a rustle of the plants sound, that would be nice, but it's only my opinion.

So, very good job!

Good success with your entry, and I hope, you get that, what you deserve!

Best regards


Very nice job and thank you for the sharing of your creation ^^ I credit you in the game's disclaimer

But to be fair: Like you read in the disclaimer, the assets of the world is from 0x72, a very great artist! The link is in the disclaimer and here:

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I love the game, because it's simple but it makes fun. But still, there are things, that I want to tell:

Theme Relevance:

Maybe I didn't understand, but the game has nothing about the theme rebirth, so I can't say anything until I get an explanation.


The gameplay is very smooth and I love the game very much with the dash idea! But:

In full screen, the game isn't full screen, that had the reason, that you made the full screen function only by itch and not by unity, so unity don't fill the screen.
Also, I don't understand, how to defeat the ghost, because it isn't explained, so I wished more explanation and maybe an mini-tutorial, what would have images in-game.

There is a bug, where the (pink) enemies are not kill you, although you touch them without a dash. Only moving after the touch, the game works fine again.

Anyway, the gameplay is nice!


The artwork is simple and great, so I didn't see anything bad. Maybe particle effects or a screen shake by killing an enemy would be great, so you have more dash-feedback!

But, nice job!


The dash, kill and lose sound is nice, but it would be great, if there are more sound, for example the enemy spawns or shoots, but this would be overload. An another idea would be different kill sounds depends, which enemy you killed. A simple, looping background music would be also great!

Anyway, the audio is nice, but it could be more.

In summary, the game is nice and simple, but it has more potential, if the game will be updated. So I wish you good success with your entry!

Best regards


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First, your're welcome :D

And yeah, you're right, it wasn't a good idea, but hey, I don't follow the open world hype  O<_O

Me, who had the idea of the open world.... I'm so proud... but wait, our world is like an open world, f*ck.... ok anyway, my idea isn't new, but:

Yeah, the another genres exists of course, like racing games, an cars, and racing games and.... cars...and... ?

No, I'm joking, your genre is very great and keep this genre! Improve it and ... make it RTX and 8k ready Imao, bakause it ss improtant lol.

(Also joking xD)

And it is nice, that you want to improve your game and you can take critic with humor :D

Yeah, UI and full screen are another things, so that is the only issue.

So... have good success :D

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Very... very nice game! I don't need to say any wishes, because it is very good, so I can't see anything bad and I don't want to do this too! It's lovely, but realistic and you have fun to spam fire and kill the nat... uh I mean help the nature and make it rain.

Very good job and keep this work!

Maybe, if you want to make a bigger game from it, you can make for example, an open world, where you can go as a player, but it is only an idea, if you want to make the game bigger.

The only issue I found was the UI. If you go to full screen, the UI don't resize right, but it is not bad.

Anyway, good job and I hope, your team will get, what you deserve.

Best regards


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The game is very nice and good job, especially the artwork! This is very nice an good! Nothing bad about that.

Also the audio is nice, but it would be a cool feature, if the fairy tail creatures make a sound by the spawning, for example the wolf a bad laugh, because he is one from the bad crearures and want to trick little Red Riding Hood. But the music is sweet and it is simple, so I love it.

That's a pity, that the game isn't done, because it would be a very nice one!

The gameplay idea is nice, so I'm excited to see the game, so we all can play it.

About the theme relevance: The theme idea, that I read, is nice, but currently, I can't see it in the game. But it is not bad!

Here is a bug: If I spawn the creatures in different position, the layers are wrong, so creatures, there normaly must be behind the other, are in the front.

Anyway, you did a well job and keep this work!

Best regards


Hello Urodela Games, thank you so much :D We are happy to hear, that you like our game. Thanks for your attention and review :)

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Hello, I now rated the game and I want to give you my feedback: As I try to respect the 10 day limit and the quality of game, it is a very nice game! The audio and the gameplay are nice, but, how @Gad already said, they are a few things, that could be better.

Theme Relevance: The theme of the collecting of parts of the soul, to rebirth is very good!

So I don't find anything bad about this section.

Artwork: The artwork is very well, especially the fact, that all is done in only 10 days!

So I love the artwork and the atmosphere, well done!

Audio: The background music is very nice and beautiful,  so it's very good!

But I wished, that they are more sound effects like the ash - human transition. Like jump, collison (from jump), Sprint or speech sound effects by the dialogue.

I don't want say, that the game is bad! But in my opinion, it could have more sound effects.

Gameplay:  The gameplay is nice and for 10 days, it is a very goo job!

Also the design of the game an the levels are nice!

I know, how it is to be under strees as a game developer and programmer, because I'm also a programmer and I also had lot of stress because the time.

So I don't to be very hard, but they are still few things, that could be better: The movement of the player is often struggling, so I often lose and it frustrated me a little bit, but it's ok.

The another thing is, that the collision don't work at few times, so it makes the game very hard.

So the game is in general a little bit hard, but it is not your fault, I know how the bugs are.

Maybe more checkpoints between the level self is a good balancing to currently work around the bugs.

I read, that you tried to make the game for the controller, so I can understand you.

The last thing is, that any time I leave the site or sometimes I click the right mousebutton, the game crash and I need to start from the beginning. I also found a bug in the first and second world, where you sometimes fall forever and you must restart the entire game too.

Like Gad said, the UI of the dialogue is to little by fullscreen and the dialoguetext is broken, if you spam the skip button (mouseclick).

But: For 10 days and for the resutls, you did a very good job!

Hopefully, you can understand my rating and I hope, that you will fix and improve your game after the voting period, so anyone have the same chances.

Good success!

Best regards


Dear Gad, your comment is very good and detailed, so I don't have anything to add. Thank you for the good comment!

That I want to hear, one, who can take critic and want it to make good :) You're right with the deadline, but it's good for the time. I'm excited on new updates, but first, the voting must end how you said, because else it's unfair. Good success!

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The game is amazing and in high quality! The theme is also right with the souls, where you rebirth, so it's the right theme. The artwork and the animation are with the audio very well! And also the gameplay is very smooth, after a few fails 😅. So: Well done! It's also a good mobile game, because it have not many controls, so the game is easy to play. Only I would add is the killing of enemies in the tutorial, because I didn't understand how to kill the enemies and get the souls first, so I needed some tries to understand this. In overview, it is a fantastic game and good job! I rated it already :)

Best regards


Hello, I want to say, that your game is very good! The Artwork and the Theme are very good implemented and the quality is very well! Sometimes it's struggle, but you already said, that the WebGL version is not very smooth, so I don't want to be rude. The sound design is also very nice, so very well! I did rate your game. Keep this work and please expand the game!

Thank you so much :D I'm very happy to hear this :)

:D :)

Hello everyone,

here you can comment your idea and maybe we will implement this to our game!

Please be nice to each other and respect their ideas anyway!

Best regards

The ATIS Project x SMYLD

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Hello everyone,

here you can chat with our community!

Stay nice and we wish you all a great time!

Best regards

The ATIS Project x SMYLD

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Hello player,

thank you for testing our game.

We hope, that you enjoyed the game... current demo/beta!

You did 'quit' the game, so you can now leave this site or:

Thank you for your time!

Best regards

The ATIS Project x SMLYD

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Hello everyone,

here you can write your feedback with our game Reboot.

You also can write criticism under the topic, but stay nice!

We hope, that you enjoy our game... current a demo/beta.

Best regards,

The ATIS Project x SMYLD

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Hello everyone,

welcome to the community of Reboot!

Here, you can create topics and chat with our community!

We wish you a good time and please be nice to each other.

Here you can chat:

Best regards

The ATIS Project x SMYLD

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Hello everyone,

here, you can report bugs and tell us your experience with our game.

We highly appreciate your comments, so we are happy, if you take time to comment under this topic!

Best regards

The ATIS Project x SMYLD

Very nice job! It is a very cool and good game you created! Keep it!