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Hey thank you :)  

Yes I know :D These levels are only for the development phase.  But I  have to be careful that something like this isn't in the real levels.

Looks great :)


I am working on a system to save the progress of the player within a level. Maybe you can take a look at my game and then on my ideas and give me some feedback. I have three possibilities in mind:

  1. Checkpoints like the flag in Super Mario games
    This is the idea I find most unattractive and I see problems like: A enemy is chasing the player and the player run into a checkpoint. Then the player loads and is still chasing by the enemy.
  2. Quicksave like in Shadow Tactics
    This is the easiest way for the player I think. The player has full control of it but he has the possibility to save before every challenge. I am afraid of lose the difficult.
  3. Persistence of certain level elements
    When the player failed, he will restart the level but for example, opened doors and solved puzzles stay opened/solved. This is my favorite because the player cannot spam the save button.

But I thought I ask you. What do you think is the best method that makes most fun for the player? Do you have other ideas?

Yes I will do this. Your game looks interesting for me :)

I tried to download your game with the client but this doesn't work. Did you tested this or is this a client problem

Already makes fun to play :)

But the Controls are still a little bit pain :D Sometimes got I stuck on the bridges and I had the feeling that the player moves a tiny bit when I already released the buttons.

For I while I thought the stars are obstacles too. Maybe you can reduce the saturation a little bit.
But keep on :)

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It let my heart goes on, to see that someone make a let's play about my game in this early state and had so much fun while playing it. Thank you:)

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you. 

Thanks :)

Thanks for your feedback :) 

Yes, of course. I plan to add buttons for the home, the work, and the direct family members, that the player can directly jump to this objects. I implemented this already in the window of the houses with their residents. I also plan to add additional information like age, profession, satisfaction...

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, the settlers will have a more important role in the game like now. My plan is that their daily routine will be completely simulated. In the next update, for the beginning, they will go to a free house and move in. 

Decorative objects will be included at a later stage. But I think they are important too. Whether they will be part of the actual buildings or separate buildings, I don't know for now.

As I wrote in a comment above. I will add tooltips and the missing resources to the header soon. I think then will it be more comprehensible for the players.

Yes the save and load system is not completely fine. I have to work on this in the future. If you could tell me what is lost after loading, this would be very helpful for me.

:D Nice idea but I am looking for something more epic, medieval-like. 

Thanks  :)

Yes, because you are running out of clay. You can't see this at the moment. I will add tooltips for the building costs and the amount of clay in the upper bar soon.

I will also increase the amount of the clay at the beginning. Because at the moment you don't have the possibility to gather clay.

This is good to hear for me because I don't have to change anything :D

Could you post a screenshot of this that i get a better idea of it?

Very funny game!  I must really laugh :D

Nice little game :) I like the art style and the theme :D Good job!

But why the dudes can't lay down the objects anymore?^^

Oh, this game I doesn't know. Thanks for this hint. 

I already thought about a good title, but I didn't find the right one until now. Maybe someone of you has a great idea.

I will create a Mac version for you this evening or tomorrow. But I can't test it, because I don't have any apple devices ;)