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Fun little sandbox, nice mechanics!

Thanks for your comment, appreciate! 

Uploading fixed version! thanks for letting me know ;P

Thanks a lot! Appreciate your reaction! it's nice to see someone playing your game, hope you can join the next one :D

Nice level design, It's look messy but not at all! Good Job!


Love it!! Super fun and challenging on the good way! Good Job!

Thank you! appreciate the comment! :)

Nice AI and visuals, the idea is good, maybe a little confusing at the beginning but works! good job!

Nice and relaxing atmosphere! love the music

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Thank you! :)

Super Fun! Love the jump mechanic! it's challenging but not too hard! Good Job!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it :)

Nice little game! i've enjoyed playing it! Love the mechanic and the boat sprite! Good job! :)

Nice! Love the atmosphere, the scene and the music. The nazis get crushed! :D

Thanks a lot!! appreciate the comment ^^

I'm glad you liked! thanks for the comment :)

Thanks! apreciate the comment :)


Music link doesn't work, i'll fix it soon!

I really like the idea and the ambient, the lights and the music, maybe the drag and drop mechanic feels weird sometimes, and the camera system reduce the inmersion.

But good job, i enjoyed!

I like the idea but like others, I find the movement a little bit slow, and having to go back on the previus level when you die it's quite anoying.

But good job anyway!

Nice little game, quit addictive! :)

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot for the comment! appreciate! :)

Thank you! appreciate the comment!

Your right! I rush a little at the end and I cannot put more thing

I really enjoyed! lovely little game, cute graphics, nice atmosphere, the music suit well!
Really good job! :)

Thanks! appreciate the comment! Im glad you like it!

I know for the gameplay, I have some ideas for the power ups, like speed, power shields or other weapons, but not enough time X)

Thanks again!

Thanks a lot! appreciate the comment :)

Rate for rate, leave your links there I'll play and rate your games

Interesting idea, customization it's allways fun, the music and the sound FX are good, the visuals suit the game, and adding a little bit of stroy explain the theme! Good Job!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked! I know about the controls, srry about that! I'll take a look for sure :)

Thanks again, appreciate your comment!

Thanks a lot, appreciate the comment, srry for the controls, I strugle a little at the end with that!

And srry for the late answer :)

Sorry for the late answer.

Thanks for the comment, I know for the movement X) I've to leave like that to finish the other things on time!

Glad you liked the visuals :)

Thanks a lot for the comment! And sorry for the late answer.

I've change the movement few times, at first the camera was static, kind of isometric perspective, but it ended like that. I do better next time!

Thanks again for the comment, appreciate :)

Hi thanks for the comment, appreciate! Sorry for the late answer. I know for the movement, I've change the system few times, at the end i just leave like that and try to finish the rest, srry about that!

I really like the atmosphere, the ambient music and the colours, the mechanic are simple and it's not to hard, i've enjoyed! :)