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This was a fun little story! I loved the music and the graphics. Would have loved to know just a bit more about the characters involved, but still really enjoyed the experience!

I talked about Luggage in this week's video: 

This was a super cool game! Amazingly, I'm apparently better at mowing IRL lawns than video game lawns... My real lawn mowing never turns so weird in the end though!

I talked about Completion LawnCare in this week's video: 

This... sure was something! I really like the collage-style art of the characters, especially in the beginning before the ice cream truck. This ended up not being my cup of tea, but it's obvious you put love into making it - which is rad! 

I talk more about Mr Beast Scary House in my video this week: 

I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this demo! I can't wait for the full version - this was amazingly fun. Who knew the thing my life was missing was a game with a talking gun?

I talk more about my experience with Nowhere, MI in my video this week:

This game is GORGEOUS. and so, so cool. I had such a great time wandering around and piecing the story together. Thank you for your work!

I talked about Even in Arcadia in my video this week, if anyone reading through the comments is interested:

This game is SUPER cute. Very awesome usage of DoodleStudio95! I had a lot of fun exploring and grooving to the music. 
I talked about Pizza Boy in this weeks video!

What an unhinged idea lol. I downloaded it for the meme, but actually ended up getting drawn in! Super creepy, but in a way you can laugh about. Thanks for your work!

I talked about Homer's Homicide in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 

This was super cool! I wasn't sure how gripping clicking through an interview would be, even with a demon, but this was an awesome experience! Very cool graphics with a fun creepy story to uncover. Thank you for your work!

I talked about The Interview in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 

I thought this was really cool! You did a great job recreating that awesome N64 aesthetic. Super atmospheric, and very creepy. Thanks for your work!

I talked about Stargazing 64 in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 

Holy cow, I'm in love with this game! Super impressive, especially for a prototype. Simply gorgeous, interesting story, immaculate vibes. Thank you for making this!

I talked about this game in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 

Thank you for making this! This was a really unique, interesting take on a game, and as someone who also experiences similar panic situations, I think it's an important thing to share. Plus, you gotta love those chunky PSX graphics! :)

I talked about the game a bit in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 

This pixel-pulp was beautiful, weird, and gripping! I really enjoyed it, thank you for creating this experience.

I talked about it in my video this week, if anyone is interested: 

I should have tried my controller! I'll give that a shot tonight 

Thanks, Jade! I was in the zone and didn't want to go searching for an orb sound effect, and audacity was already open, so I figured I'd just try it with my voice and a few effects haha

Thanks, James - I appreciate it!

Awesome! I'll for sure keep an eye out for the update

Dang - I LOVED the graphics and sfx for this, what an awesome-looking and sounding game! I had a really hard time with the controls, they felt almost backward or something? Great work!

I really enjoyed this! Cool way to tell a story.

I like this concept a lot! I'm not sure if it was me just misunderstanding, but I had a bit of a hard time controlling the shark with my keyboard. I had a good time though!

This was super neat! I loved the atmosphere, and hunting down the targets was a fun task for this little game. 

Hey! Thanks for playing, I enjoyed your video. This was for a 72 hour game jam, so still pretty rough, but I'm planning on releasing an update in the future with some fixes and additional features.

Thanks! :) I was only able to work on this really late at night, so it ended up a bit silly

There's a chance I get it out earlier than scheduled, but I wanted to be safe with my estimate! I'm glad the chickenman in the trailer has you excited haha

Hi Bruno!

I'm still debating on whether or not the game will benefit from a demo release, but I'd be stoked to have you play it on your channel! I'll be sure to hit you up once we're closer to a polished build and the release date.

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I really didn't expect this game to be as engrossing as it ended up being. So cute! So calming! I love it.

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Gosh dang, this was cute. Perfect respite after a horrid week! 

Hey, this was super neat! Great work from a jam, look forward to possible future updates.

Eerie! This was a fun, short game with a nice lil spooky vibe.