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Thanks Shamley 

I forgot I was gonna add a board across the door of the house to stop you going in, might come back and add that in a future update 👍

Thanks for the review!

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Hi! I looked on your Twitch channel and I think you reviewed "Angry Ice" instead of my game and put the review on my one? Haha :)
"OK concept" is also an apt review of my game, coincidentally.

You um, just went to the next tab by accident and then described the previous game e.g. "no sound" (my game has sound) etc so I think that was the mistake :) 

I got stuck at the end :/ 

Running into the rope after having delivered all the jam: just stuck in a loop running in place. Not sure why but would have liked to see if there's a "You Win" message or something :)

It's "opposites" because you move by shooting the opposite way :) It's one of those things where one control does two things: very good :)

This was good :) Pretty close to the real Papers Please too!

Thanks! People being interested really is the biggest motivator to keep working on something 😊!

If anyone's interested, the main post-jam feature I would add to this is a "Papers, Please" style metagame 👍

A thing that told me in my face a bit more when I had a new item would be helpful, but I accept that's more of post-jam feature. (i.e. when I get a new pickaxe that changes the way I dig) 👍

I didn't have time for a procedural misspelling generator in this one, but the references try to get across the idea of your boss' indifference even with the slightly more fixed reference choosing. 😃

That makes perfect sense! I got the "you can change their hours" part but I was only changing them to work in the day 😊

Thanks! Ever since I've gotten good with LÖVE I've used it for all my games:

It might not be the most popular choice... I guess I just "LÖVE" it! 😇

Thanks! That was exactly the intention... I wanted to do this aesthetic but when I realised people might want to play the game more than once and not be annoyed, I decided to add an optional mode to make it easier on the eyes 😅 (The skip features are the same, only added at the last minute after I realised how long the intro dialogue took)

A player's comfort is important!

This is a pretty good management sim. I like the way that your workers are sometimes just useless and spend all day on the toilet doing no work... and having to balance opposing demands is a good mechanic.

It's annoying to have to wait for night time to end though.

Looks good, and I'm sure the concept would be more interesting if I could see more of it. 🙂

The guy with the spear killing you and sending you all the way back to the beginning of the game (as opposed to the beginning of the room) really put a hamper on willingness to go all the way back through again - especially when it's pretty unclear what to do in that room (because the S key is blurry and doesn't tell you what it does). Letting the player try the same problem again repeatedly more quickly would help them figure it out for themselves.

Sorry you ran out of time 😞.

Thanks! 😊 Your comment is very polite. 🙂

I figured out Lewis was the pusher from a rumor I heard about months ago 👀. Thank YOU for making the game!

I have a Steam controller and a PS4 controller... but usually they act as though they're an xbox controller. 🤔

It might be just a problem on my end with the controllers. Customisable controls would still be nice, I'm just disappointed I can't play this to see what it's like. I might have another go with some other kind of controller emulation software later.

It's LÖVE !

LÖVE mostly just provides the mouse/keyboard inputs and lets me manually draw onto the screen, I like it because it gives me maximum control over what I'm making but on the other hand you could say it was annoying because you have to code everything yourself.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is a great pastiche of the Ace Attorney games, which I love (including pastiche-ing one of their backgrounds). It's full of Yogscast references which is great and it generally works.

Not sure which part was supposed to be the "surprise"... but that's not really important 🙂.

Personally I don't usually like platformers like this. Honestly, this was too difficult for me. However, for the number of different interacting elements I wouldn't be surprised if this is the best game in the jam. 5 stars for sure.

My main potential advice would be that if the obstacles were stunning rather than lethal I'd be much more likely to play a level again and again to get a faster time... perhaps that could be an optional "accessibility" mode (if not the default setting)? It wouldn't be unbalanced for high scores, because having to stop moving for 2 seconds would already invalidate a run either way.

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The physics are not good. As soon as I got to the first puzzle I realised that that aspect of the game is so much more promising than the platforming and was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately the Santa knockback also relies on some kind of physics that makes it impossible to predict exactly where he's going to go (unpredictability really hurts puzzles). I still love the concept. Good job!

I think that this game (or anything like this) is already just fun because of the poker simulation 😅. I was just playing it and finding not cheating just as good as cheating! Of course it's slightly confusing exactly what's going on, but it was a game jam game, and I liked the overall concept.


The game here is to guess which two objects (of 10 objects) will match together to summon a Yog. Mathematically that means there are five Yogs. When you are a genius like me and you get them all the game ends (no spoilers). 

I thought it was kind of annoying at first until I realised there weren't that many objects and you can just trial-and-error it, then I thought it was pretty cool. The Yogs get hung up on the wall as paintings so you can which ones you've done. Obviously there could have been more to it but what's there works and looks good. Nice job 🙂

Yeah, of course! AI is always hard 🙂

Obviously this is good, and I don't want to post a list of nitpicks. The biggest problem I can come up with is that it's kind of hard to judge the range of your attacks (and your enemy's attacks)... and figuring out whether you can reach a guy or not with your melee blast and whether they can reach you is kind of the whole game.

For example, if the snowmen could only attack in straight lines or something that would make the game a lot more predictable.

Also, tell whoever made the music that I love the music! 🙂👍

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Nice graphics! The gameplay is a bit repetitive, but shooting people is what Bodega does 😅

I'm not sure if the morality police are supposed to always move around? I'm not sure if they're getting stuck on walls or each other or if they're supposed to stay still so I can shoot them more easily. Not a problem for the fastest gun in the west (half of space) either way. 🔫

If anyone doesn't want their save file saved any more, you can hit "delete" on the main menu to automatically delete it. 👍🙂

Yep! "Steal all the presents and ruin Christmas" 🙂

Do we need to use a controller for this game? (or is there a workaround for keyboards 🙂)

My controllers not registering with it, and it's two player anyway so I'd need two controllers... I get maybe the gameplay only works with an analog stick or something so you couldn't make it work with a keyboard, that's fine 🙂.

When I click "play" it doesn't play for me... am I doing it right? 😢

Does it work for you?

I don't want to sound rude but I bet you could do a lot better than this. The spooky music and spooky atmosphere you've aimed for is there but the story and context of "it's your birthday, but scary" just doesn't do it for me. 

I guess I just don't think that birthday parties are a very scary thing... locking onto a more specific situation like losing your parents at a party or some sort of social anxiety might have been better. 

I would still say good, but it depends what you're looking for in a game.

Looking forward to your future work that can build on this :) Being imperfect so you can learn is what Game Jams are for :)

Fixed :)

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I love this game but it is literally impossible. I really want to find out what happens past level 4 but even after a zillion attempts I will never beat it (even level 3 took me at least half a zillion).

EDIT: Never mind, I beat it 😅

Just found this tweet about how this game won the jam :)