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Any mobile apps are not associated with this game.

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I put it up on CrazyGames.

$7,99 with 15% off at launch


Thanks - Looks good, you can share the scores on the discord

Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately not much can be done about things like this.

Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately not much can be done about things like this.

Thank you, I enjoyed reading it (I am Austrian)

Its now stored in the working directory.

No. I don't think gameboy hardware can handle this.

You are right thanks, I just changed it.

I'll look into it.You can play the web version without the iframe here:

Thank you glad you like it!

Java + LibGDX

I doubt gameboy hardware could handle this.

Not planned right now

Thank you. I repackaged it.

Did you forget to extract the JRE? Extract all the contents of the .zip

How did you control it?

Please come on the discord for support.

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Which platform? What happens? You can also come on the discord and ask for help.

Not supported right now.

Sure, glad you like the game.

No, Java

Web is coming

Not at all, I enjoyed your game, it looks great.

Theoretically yes, but I haven't seen it requested much. Pixel Art looks best when it's not stretched.

Ask on the discord

Thanks! These are some interesting  ideas. Sand is sped up on higher levels in the next version already which should make them easier.

It should run with a 32-bit JDK 18 but I haven't tried.

That's the plan.


No, but a Browser version is coming.

Marathon: play forever

Ultra: reach max score in 3 minutes

40Lines: clear 40 lines in as low of a time as possible

Thanks. I watched your playthrough, glad you like it.

I thought about it but didn't find it necessary to rotate counter-clockwise in this game.

Thank you for the review.