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oh okay thanks. Its definitely not intentional. Gonna look at that.

Thank you :)

Thanks. The idea behind the controls was that you can really feel that the rabbit can jump high and far, but it didnt turn out all that great. Its good to know that for possible future platformers. I hope you had fun playing. :D

Thank you! I hope you had fun playing it. :)

Thank you for playing. Sadly we didnt have the time and experience to polish the jumping mechanic and make it feel really good. Same with sound. Thanks for the feedback :D

Really chill and relaxing game. In the tutorial, it says that the museum is on the left but its actually on the right. Luckily i found it and was able to play. I really like the art.

i love the art style, its very cute. your summary is hilarious. the screen did feel a little cramped sometimes and i think it wouldve felt better if you had zoomed out a little. in total, great game!

this game is awesome!! me and my friend tried the multiplayer version and it was a blast :D i love the level design and the simple art style. good job!

We only have the page online yet. We'll upload the game soon :D