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Hi, sorry but I'll participate on my own. I tried to make a team but I realised that everything is much more complex if you have to coordinate more people's work. Good luck! there are lots of programmers out there so I'm sure you'll find a nice team

Thank you very much!!

Nice game! Cool soundtrack and nice effects

Completed the track 1 in 1.30, what is the developer's record?

Nice game! I think I found some kind of bug, in the 3rd stage, is imposible to carry on. I think you added a some amount of randomness, which is good but makes the 3rd stage impossible under certain circumstances. Nice work anyway

Really funny game mate, I understand that is impossible to make more than one level, so I think you did the right choice making the physics look nice. I didn't enjoy the music so much, I think is a little bit too repetitive. But overall, I enjoyed and I think is a pretty good game for a jam. Good job!

7/10 for me

Hi guys! Use this to try to find specific team members

Board Wars is a game about ancient board games, in which the player will learn about different cultures while playing their best board games. As every other board game, Board Wars will have a multiplayer matchmaking option, and also an Arcade mode with random games and ascending difficulty, everything made with a careful visuals.

Current Features:

-The Royal Game of Ur: Ancient board game from Sumer. Currently only playable against AI



Currently the game development is cancelled due to lack of time, I'll most likely continue the development at some point but I can't say when. Even so, the game is playable and you'll be able to try a game that you probably never heard about.

You can check my future projects here:

Thanks mate!

Thank you so much for your work, your textures look awesome. Nice work!!

Thank you!Of course, I'll put every asset I use on the credits and game description

Hi! Can I use it for comercial purposes?

Thanks, nice work!

Hi! I liked your work, can I use it for comercial purposes?

Hi! I love your work, I would love to use your assets in my game, is that okay? I will of course link you in the credits.

Thank you! Nice work man!

Hi! Can I use these assets for my own game?

Amazing job Delthor! I like the art and the game is really funny, keep developing!

If you don't mind I found a few bugs that should be easy to fix:

-Sometimes when you pick a new weapon you end up having 2 weapon equiped.

-Other times the pickup starts shooting when you shoot your weapon.

-The screen size is too big for browser, try with 1080x720, because as it is now you can't see your current health.

Hi drakecaiman! Thank you for playing, I'm glad you liked it, Im still developing the game and I'm planning to add more enemies, weapons and maybe a boss system. I won't upgrade the browser version that much because is very time consumming, but I'll definetly add the major upgrades to it.

Thank you so much, I really like it too so I'll definetly keep developing this one

That's nice!! thank you for playing, my highscore was around 1400, try to beat that hahahaha ;)

hahahahhaa :)) thank you I'll take note. One of the next steps will be adding more weapons so I'll make that hammer to make sure you can crush those skeletons

Thank you!!

Hi guys, I hope you all enjoyed the jam as much as I did, I just uploaded a browser version so everyone can easyly try the game. It doesn't look as nice as the pc version but is still playable. Just make sure you play it on fullscreen and have some fun!!

By the way, my highscore is 1487, TRY TO BEAT THAT! (It shoudn't be difficult :))) If you play the game I would love if you leave a comment with your score.

Thank you so much!! Enjoy!