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I love the aesthetics and presentation of this game, it definitely made me want to find out what happened next. However...

In my playthrough, I spent 15 minutes on a section with two 'roundeys' that were facing each other. After being lasered to death many, many times, I was forced to give up as I could not think of a solution that didn't involve pixel-perfect throwing accuracy and a prescient ability to predict their sweep pattern.
If your game requires something as insane as that to solve one of the puzzles, when all the previous ones were not of that nature, well then that puzzle needs to be changed.


If you were under those kind of deadlines then you can easily be forgiven for not anticipating every combination.

You're very welcome! 馃槉

A very interesting puzzle game. I have a few observations:

1. There is no mention anywhere that the 'R' key is reset. It would definitely be useful to add that to the intro screen.

2. In the final puzzle I don't use any of the objects to escape. I only interact with one box to get it out of the way, otherwise it's a case of walk/fall to the exit. Was that not the intended solution? Or are there multiple ways to solve some levels?

This game was very cool! I loved the aesthetics and symbolism. It would definitely be nice to find out more of the lore of the Night and Day.

During my playthrough I came across a couple of 'issues'.

The first was minor, but at around the 9:10 mark, I solve the puzzle but it is rejected. Even though there is no obvious breaks in the shadow path, it won't continue. I rotate a couple of things back and forth and magically it is accepted.

The second, around 16:30, due to the perspective, it wasn't obvious that the outer platform connected with other elements because the aura of the night plant obscured things. Extending the platform a little more so it visible beyond the aura would be very helpful.

In any case, thank you for the wonderful experience. 馃槉

This was a great little puzzler. I died loads even on normal difficulty because I'd either get impatient around enemies or I'd stop to think about my next move while touching spikes! 馃槅

Fortunately, the checkpoints are quite generous! 馃槅馃槅

Yeah, rooms 1 & 3, i kind of got the gist of, but with room 2 I didn't photo the screen much so wouldn't realise it was changing in response to the gems being activated.

Very innovative concept. Running around mazes in the dark was very cool.

I enjoyed the red and yellow zones, but the puzzles in the green zone were a bit strange. I ended up solving them without really understand how/why. They became a bit trial-and-error.

Still, it was very fun overall!


Short, but quite enjoyable for the meta-humour! 馃槃

Humour is something that often difficult to get right in games, but this one really nails it. It was also great fun hiding unconscious guards even though there wasn't really a risk of them being found.

During my playthrough, I did encounter a bug. At around the 19:30 mark, I knock out a guard, but then become unable to interact with them in any way. I couldn't search them or pick them up. In the end I was forced to quit out and go back to my last saved point.

Anyway, keep up the great work!

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Very trippy puzzle game!

I did encounter a bug at 4:40 in my playthrough though. I am ascending the waterfall section and I 'think' I clip through the geometry because the game then locks up and I have to restart it.
However, it was fairly easy to get back to where I last was (speedrunner strats!) and the odd bug is expected with prototypes/alphas anyway.

Still, this would be very cool fleshed out into a full release!


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Damn, this game has buckets of atmosphere. Very creepy and helps sell the whole "alone in a temple" vibe.

However, I do think that the ambient sound effects may have been a bit too intrusive in that they seemed to play so frequently as to become distracting. One sound effect in particular sounds very much like a door being slid open/closed. While that set me on edge initially because I thought "Crap! There's something nearby that can open doors!", eventually it just became irritating as it was then a sound effect with no source or cause for concern. It lessened the impact of the audioscape for me by the end.

Still, overall, the game was good enough to make me stealth mode 95% of the run, so that's gotta count for something! 馃榿

ah. if i ever revisit the game perhaps I can complete the set!

Very atmospheric, especially when you get chased at the end. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up for sure!

I also enjoyed how super-causal Lahey and Collins were when she mentioned that she had to shoot someone. It's like "lets talk about it on the drive back." No need to collect evidence or anything! 馃ぃ

I guess in America, life is cheap! 馃ぃ馃ぃ

That was a very good demo. The aesthetic made me slightly nostalgic for the 8-bit platforms of my youth... 馃榿.

A few observations:

-The spiral staircases go on for too long. I understand it's to convey a sense that the towers are high up, but ultimately it punishes the player if they have to ascend/descend them multiple times. Maybe the first time you use one of the spiral staircases it's full length as normal and then subsequent passages are reduced in duration somehow.

- After getting the first key there is a long section where you have moving and crumbling platforms. Quite a few of them are almost blind, which results in a lot of needless deaths if you time it wrong. Not difficult to overcome, but it's not satisfying to die because the platform you're jumping to is on the wrong part of its cycle.

- I like the little bonus section at the end, but the boss has way too much health. It's not difficult to beat it, but it is very time consuming.

Anyway, overall, it definitely captures the retro-game spirit. Keep up the good work!

Well, that was quite a cool little experience. It gave me Silent Hill-vibes and the music choice was great. I never did catch up to the dog-thing you see run off at the first footbridge.

I encountered a couple of geometry bugs that caused my character to get stuck, but I'm not sure if I was on the most recent build since I downloaded on the 17th.

First one is in the trees next to the first mon/gate.

The second is at the foot of these stairs. As I walked towards them, the camera swung around and I get stuck.

You're very welcome! 馃槉

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Atmospheric and creepy in equal measure. I loved some of the visual effects, like the rotating shadows in the dome room, or the corridor of rotating squares. The optical illusions they caused were very trippy!

I did get stuck for quite a while on combination lock doors puzzle, but fortunately stumbled upon the method for solving it.

Bug-wise, there were a couple of things to note:

- A couple of brief audio glitches while I played. Not sure if it was the game or my PC though, and no obvious triggers, so seemed random.

- There were a couple of places where the player model gets caught on geometry.

Going up these ramps, some of the 'discs' stop the ascent and so you have to jump over the lip.

Ascending back up these stairs towards the end, I got stuck on the penultimate step and so and to jump to clear it. I can't remember if that happened every time as I went up and down several times exploring.

I did record a video of my play through and could post that to YouTube if you want to see it.

Otherwise, I enjoyed my time running around the monument, and was kinda disappointed when it ended so soon. 馃榿

Wow! I love the whole aesthetic and the gameplay but some of those jumping sequences are brutal! And the bosses doubly so!! I'm not sure my thumb will forgive me for all the punishment it's received from them!

I suggest to perhaps have the dash move (hold attack+run) charge one or two seconds faster than it currently does. When you first have to pull that move off into a double hookshot, it takes a fair few goes to get it right and I ended up having to walk a lot to get the run-up each time to get the dash.

I'm in two minds whether to suggest boss health bars. On the one hand, it'd be nice to know how much health the boss still has after he thrashes you for the 10th time in a row. On the other hand, they (mostly) seem to have a second phase once you get them low enough which tells you that you are doing something right.

Oh, I did find what might be a bug. There was a room with a line of purple portals and a fragment of a something. The timed objective is to hit the green arrow orbs so they line up against the wall and then use attack chaining to climb up to get the fragment.

I tried this multiple times and I could only attack chain three orbs before Ato stopped attacking and I'd fall down. I tried varying the speed/timing at which I press the attack button, but I always only climbed three orbs. After about 10 mins I gave up on that room and continued the story.

Otherwise, I found it to be very entertaining (I called it quits after the spear boss as it's time for bed!) and I hope you find success with it!

Don't worry about it! :)

That gets the middle piece though, right? the floating lines line up with the fish bowl to form the iris part.

Very interesting ideas but could do with a bit of polish. There seems to be no way of exiting the game short of ALT+Tab out and then killing the game process!

I got 8 of the 9 picture pieces (only lacking the top middle piece) but could not see what else I could do or interact with and so gave up. 馃槬

Thanks! But if you do that, won't people see how to solve the puzzles? 馃ぃ

That reminds me, in the video, at timecode 00:55 one of the batteries yeets itself outside the playing area after I supersize the truck. Wasn't sure if you had spotted that or not.

Well, I hope I haven't created too much additional work for you! 馃槣

Well, I didn't realise initially that each size of snake totem would open a corresponding level of the pyramid. I was just max sizing it each time before placing it on the plinth.

That reminds me, I encountered a bit of a bug in the middle section of the pyramid. I had a one of the stone snakes clip through another briefly (collision checks) but then after that the ball did not connect with the mouth of the final snake properly. 

I recorded this in a YouTube video I made of my play through.

Jump to 15m 25s to see it.

Very enjoyable little puzzle game. The 'temple' level had me stumped for a while as I didn't realise the pyramid had three levels to it!

Enjoyable but I spent far too long on level 8. I couldn't see a way to juggle the boxes to go past the deactivated orange barrier on the right. It turns out I had to block the laser with the metal box and then new ledges would be provided to progress to the exit.

After working that out, levels 9 & 10 were dispatched easily enough.

Overall, very fun.