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Why PAL only ?

Please see

I made a cartridge version

Waiting for v1.01 1st


Just copy all the files over. D64 and D81 are identical in terms of data. Just the dirart is different 

Yes, it's on it's way (with progres saving back to cartridge). But you can also flash the MD 512kb version to EasyFlash anyway. 

yes, as you asked soooo nicely ;)

Thanks for the feedback and testing

Hi radius75 I PMed you at csdb. I checked the 2nd button code in BWC and adjusted now. Still working in VICE, need help testing on your setup.

maybe this is a feature of the collectors edition physical release ;)

Tried reading the manual. P is practise mode with infinite lives.

The MIST fpga core needs to be updated (probably MISTer too), same for MEGA65.

Use cartconv from vice to change to ocean

Cartconv -t ocean -i rocky.crt -o rocky-ocean.crt

I can confirm that it still doesn't work with V1.1.1

The continue game bug is still there. It's like an unlimited lives cheat. Waiting for V1.2

I mailed you the bugs as video too


Its vice 3.7

I already made a CRT version, saving back the highscore and progress back to the cartridge too

There is some issue with the keyboard routine..... pressing runstop on the menu and then space will lead to some screen corruption,  or even worse alot or even a full crash. I am also not 100% sure that the continuing works correctly,  one time when expected to get a gane over i could continue playing and the lives went back to x9 and the 1st digit was corrupted

There are some cosmetic bugs in this. Especially in the intro,  you need to wait for the vblank before updating screen or colour ram. Ingame the rising water raster is not stable on PAL and flickers in various locations,  probably due to jitter. The worst bug i saw so far is on the 3rd screen,  when you try to jump from left to right to the platform with the mummy. You fall down, but never reach the bottom and die. Essentially the game freezer.  You cmp  $d012 against #$fe that never happens.

wish list: 2nd button support, high score table + saving, progress saving

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I saw one tiny bug, and this was you can still fire after you loose a life and your character is no longer on screen

Using the Soul Force passwords for level 19 and 20 leads to a nice crash on Snow Force

Its a standard kernel $ffd5 load

Seems like the MISTER is not supporting the eAPI for loading/saving

Sarah, I can fix your U64 U1541U2+ saving issue with 4 bytes. Please DM me on Facebook mike.robertson.73932646


Needs to ne set in the vice configuration file

It is best that you complain to Retro Games and ask them to change the vice configuration on the firmware of TheC64.... I have been contacting them since the release.  They have little to no interest in correcting this.

You need to report this to Gideon. His latest version of the firmware on both U1541 and U64 seems to have broken the eAPI support for EasyFlash. Exiting the options screen is trying to save back to the cartridge: The following eAPI calls are used:


        jsr EAPISETPTR


Can you provide more details of your Hack??

Thanks Jay. I have spread the word on