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This happens every time on this board, it's more related to the positioning of the ladder. It is possible that this is the only such board in the entire game. On similar screens, there is a noticeable clipping of movement when entering from the left. But this is where we often get blocked...

When entering this board from the left side, we are frozen for some time. I can't move or shoot for a few seconds. Tested on the latest Vice for Win64 and on Vice for Android phone.


OK, I read your message.

Weird. Multibutton works on Vice but not on a real C64 with Ultimate2+. I checked on testers and other games that support the second Fire. Both on 8580 and ArmSID. Rocky does not respond to the second button. Other games/programs (e.g. second fire in Briley Witch Chronicles) have no problem. The mouse works in Geos. Does anyone have this problem on a real C64 with U2+?


A little earlier, I guess ;)

It would be useful to implement Fire2 (potx) in parallel with hold FIRE and tap DOWN = change character.
Excellent game :)

Czy jak pasterz ostrzyże swoje baranki, to za te co łaska plony pobłogosławi? :]

Theme Park? ❤️

I've noticed that when sprites run away, they can go through walls

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Thanks for the hi-score fix. I just played concept 1.01 and still the sprites go into the tunnel. He entered the tunnel on the right side of the screen.

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Is it possible to repair hi-score? In the concept version it seems to work correctly.
And if you could rename one SEQ file, both games could be saved in one d64

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0.13h C64
Button 2 does not make the character jump
Is there a specific controller needed or is it just a button on potx?

I asked this thinking about users who have previously purchased version 1.0 and are unable to run .crt (for various reasons). Is it a good idea to remove 1.0 in this case?

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Version 1.0 (.d64, .tap and .prg ) will no longer be available for download?

I remembered "Oh Mummy!" on CPC464. Addictive game.

Another gem :)

I don't quite understand. Is that sarcasm?🙂

I've already completed the entire game on Medium

I haven't played Easy mode.

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I probably wrote it unclearly. Fire2 works for me (real C64 and emulator), but.. Accidentally holding down direction UP blocks the use of Fire2 for Jump. And vice versa. This affects when playing with a gamepad. And not important when playing one-button Joystick.

I use gamepad on real C64, USB device to DB9 adapter. Fire 1, 2, 3 works.


First enemy encountered in LV1:
Easy - kill our pig in 24 hits
Normal - 16 hits
Hard - 12 hits

Good point. Playing on Easy only makes sense after beating the whole game on Medium. Only after unlocking all the levels.

Before that, Easy is not Easy at all.

Congratulations to Piggy 18 Team!

That's a great idea in my opinion. Works well in Briley Witch Chronicles game. This can be done so that the record is transferred between successive versions of .crt. Between different types of emulators. And even between physical cartridges.

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Can you make a change? So that Fire2 Jump works despite holding UP on the Joystick. And vice versa.

With such a fast game, accidental holding and blocking yourself from jumping happens quite often. And it can be frustrating ;)

It's probably a bugt. It doesn't save when you reach a new level, but only when you die after that. 

Playing on Easy mode also does not unlock levels. Only on Medium and Hard. That's what's intended.

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Playing on Easy mode also does not unlock levels. Only on Medium and Hard.

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Its game, cartridge image format.

certificates have the same [.crt] extension

Your OS (probably Windows) hides the extension of  "known" files by default (eg windows certificates .crt) .

it's probably a bug

It doesn't save when you reach a new level, but only when you die after that

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Did you get an email confirming your purchase? There is a download link in the email

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Hmm.. 1351 mouse uses potX/potY, and they are "common" for port1 and port2. The game uses potX/Y for additional Fire on Joystick port 2. (Fire 2 = Jump/UP)

Is it a game problem or more hardware problem..

Maybe you can't have a mouse plugged in and use the program (driver) for the Joystick with three Fire buttons at the same time.

Maybe the Joyride program from CSDB is able to test this.

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Medium is perfect for Speedrun competition


Nice catch man. I was also wondering why it doesn't unlock access to the discovered level every time.

"Easy Flash 3" cartridge, or "Kung Fu Flash" cartridge, or  "1541Ultimate2+" cartridge.

Or buy the game on a dedicated cartridge on the Protovision website, this is a preorder .

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Just out of curiosity, where can I download the EFIII kernal?

I haven't noticed any sound problems. Real and emulated SIDs plays music.
Running from the browser

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Confirm this

Jump - Direction UP works on my U2+ but Fire2(potX) doesn't.
On 1.0 and 1.01 it worked.
No problem on Vice.

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Truffle hunt :D

Impossible direction on real Joystick.
Vice, Keyboard.
Hold [DOWN] then [UP] together.
Search for truffles (left/right) ;)))