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Survivr community · Posted in Bugs

If you try to place a block, it places multiple in the same spot

Survivr community · Posted in Bugs

Food drains a TON of stamina

Survivr community · Posted in Bugs

Sand is impossible to mine

Survivr community · Posted in Bugs

Whenever I drink water, I loose health

Yeah ikr

Scram looks really fun! Can't wait to try it! :D


Survivr community · Created a new topic Bugs
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I touched the border of the map and the whole game froze

I don't think that that's the problem because normally you choose what size of app to make. 

Survivr community · Created a new topic Crafting recipies

I get how to craft stuff but what are some recipies? If you could put some of the recipies up on the wiki that would be helpful.



Hi Guys! I'm Mr.Me, I'm 11 but I've been making indie games with Python since I was 9. I joined because my friend @JustPlayGames told me about it and it sounded cool. Currently I only have put 2 games up on but I plan on many more! Anyway, I like seeing what everyone's making


I tried downloading the Linux app and all it downloaded was a short script telling the computer how to run the source code. But I downloaded the mac package and found the Java folder, renamed it to "lib" like the first script said. And "Gamefont.ttf" is in the data folder so I had to move it to a folder with the lib folder and the shell script. And after all that, it worked! It was a fun to play but I think Processing's Linux packager is broken.

I tested the windows v0.2 download and I needed to install Java on my computer. 

:( I'm sad

Why no linux tho?