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That's awesome Gabe!

I'm pretty sure the people who came up with the term struggle with the definition as well. But like a lot of fiction terms, its one of those things where its usefulness begins and ends with describing a piece of fiction. "Oh, that's gonzo. What's gonzo? I don't know, but that's gonzo."

Not that I like that approach. I think its very... buzz wordy, and I don't care for buzz words. That's why I had to try to figure out a definition that at least was useful for myself. But I probably wouldn't have written this if I hadn't seen Noctis Labyrinth described as gonzo / haven't had sessions that took NL to the ridiculous over the top play that can be described as gonzo.

Hi @TheGiftOfGaves!

With & Venture Forth being a World of Dungeons hack as well, I guess that that would depend on what elements of &VF you want to mix and match. So let's break down what makes it different from WoDu.

  • Non-human kin. If you want to introduce elves, dwarves, etc. to Noctis Labyrinth, you'll probably find that the characters become a tiny bit more powerful, since they get kin special abilities. Not too much, but noticeable.
  • Classes. Noctis Labyrinth already recommends to remove the Cleric and the Ranger, and the reasoning is given there. Thief, Fighter and Bard should work just fine. Wizards are a lil bit more complicated, because if you replace the Summoning rules from NL to the ones presented in &VF, you would miss on interacting with all the cool spirits that inhabit Noctis Labyrinth! However, if you keep the Summoning rules from WoDu/NL and the spell rules from &VF, Wizards would become extremely powerful, I suggest caution with this, you may need to do some tinkering.
  • Moves. I would suggest that you keep the moves presented in NL. They're very important when conveying the themes, mood, and general pacing of the game. Some moves you can introduce from &VF to NL that I think won't conflict with each other are: Ability Check (overrides Help from NL), Dialog (replaces Parley), Pause and Quicksave. Grinding/Boss Fight and Dungeon Crawl are actually very similar to Fight! and Exploring the Aethership (because I developed both games around the same time and crossed some ideas), I would still keep the rules presented in NL.

Overall &VF characters will be stronger and more hardy as opposed to NL characters. If characters having an easier time overcoming challenges is something that worries you, I'd consider keeping WoDu/NL as it is. If not, go ahead!

I haven't pre-planned a storyline since I was a teen (because its redundant at best, and anti-RPG at worst), but that doesn't mean I don't prep.
The change in perspective went from "I need to know where the story is going" to "I need tools to help me keep the story going if it ever hits a lull."
Noctis Labyrinth is a 100% about giving tools. 

Let me know how it goes when you get to play it! WoDu is a beautiful game.

Yeah, totally! I would advice you eventually supplement it with some rules from BitD core (or with your own homebrew) because I fear it might fall short for longer play.

The AP @SpoutLore ran it for a good while, maybe you can get some inspiration from them!

* whispering, from the back of the room *
Palpatine do it Memes

Hey everyone,
Just to let y'all know that any game I uploaded in my page is open to translation. If you're interested, go for it! 
Also: if you can't afford a game or if it ran out of available community copies, send me a message on Twitter at @duamnNFR, or an email at and I'll send you a PDF!

Hola todes! 
Solo para avisar que cualquier juego que haya subido a mi página está disponible para ser traducido. Si les interesa alguno ¡háganlo!
Y si no tienen la plata para comprar un juego, o si ya no hay Community Copies disponibles ¡mandenme un mensaje por Twitter a @duamnNFR, o un mail a así les mando un PDF!

Olá a todxs!
Só para avisar que qualquer jogo que é carregado na minha página está disponível para tradução. Se você estiver interessado em algum, faça-o!
E se você não tiver dinheiro para comprar um jogo, ou se não houver mais cópias da comunidade disponíveis, envie-me uma mensagem no Twitter em @duamnNFR, ou um e-mail em e eu lhe enviarei um PDF!

(sorry for the crappy Google Translate PT-BR version 😬)


Please do! Hit me up when you finish it, I would love to read it.

Yeah, I think I set up the ccs badly, give me your email address and I'll send you a copy!

Ey, mi nombre es Duamn Figueroa Rassol,
Voy a estar haciendo una aventura para Into the Bronze de Guilhaume Gontijo. Si quieren revisar alguno de mis juegos, pueden ir a MRDR HOBO.IO, no tengo mucho publicado... por ahora.
Ah, y si les interesa hacer algo relacionado a Blades in the Dark, también hice un hack llamado World of Blades que se presta a ser elaborado.

Oh, damn, now in English: my name is Duamn Figueroa Rassol.
I'm going to be making an adventure for Into the Bronze by Guilhaume Gontijo. You can check some of my games at MRDR HOBO.IO, and if you're interested in something Blades in the Dark related, I made a hack called World of Blades which lends itself to be built upon.

Hey, I just submitted God Remains a couple hours ago. My name is Duamn and I'm trying to figure out.