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Thanks for your comment!

I agree, there may be some confusion :) I was planning on more levels to explore mechanics more thorough, but deadline was near and other project pushed too. So I made a choice (maybe, bad one) to remove some of early levels. Playtesting showed little confusion can occur but understanding of mechanics comes through trail and error.

I am thinking of reusing this concept in a bigger project, in which this problems will be solved one way or another. Maybe, I will see your reaction on new one too :)

Thanks again. 

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

If only I had more time. Unfortunatelly, I started working late.


Nice game. Did main hero take shoes to walk a mile in enemy shoes :)?

Thank you for playing.

Art should make people think. I hope, games can be art too :)

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As your game is wonderful I will write about small imperfections.


- At starting "cutscene" and tutorial "skip" button is more natural to press than continue/arrows. Making it greyed out or placing "next" and "skip" together would help

- Discarding - green button look like "confirm", red - like "cancel" on red backgrond

- Harvest and money messages blocked clicks, it would be better to show them on top of the screen, not middle

- Shop would fell more comfortable as one screen with control over all vendors

- Season/turns bar is bigger than 3 full turns, it is a bit confusing at the beginning


- Acres and pens are very rare in the beginning, don't know if it is planned. I found myself willing to pay extra just to build it instead of skipping turns discarding unusable crops

- Crops placement for buffs/debuffs is written on crops card, but it depends on acre placement. And acres placed without knowing all possibilities and constraints. That makes it harder or even uneffective to consider buffs/debuffs

- Cows and pigs are too rare, I haven' finished quest by 1 pig/cow when game was over. And I had no chance to do it.

- It would be nice to know what will be buyers' wish next to plan ahead

- It would be nice to check state of planted crops/animals

- Discard is used almost every turn when you want to get other cards. So animation of discard feels too long

- Resources and thier animal/crop are not same, so player have to leran what is what by trying, making wrong gameplay decision

- Red/green marker while playing cerd wuold help with trying to build on "locked" spaces (forest/lake/etc.)

- It is hard to distinguish hills and plains after placing acre on them (maybe I am bad with green tints)


- Oats, wheat and something else look very alike, 2 of them are almost the same

- Played in windowed mode, font size is very small in details of card


- Cards stayed chosen but not active after using the shop with chosen card

- Second quest has 4 lines but 5 steps. It was confusing

- End screen has no way to play again, I had to reload page to get to main menu

I like kind words in the comments a lot, but I believe constructive criticism is necessary to progress.

In the end, all I wanted to say that it is a great game and wonderful entry. It is unusual to see project with so little flaws, you can write them all down :)

 Keep up the good work and good luck!

I love Antichamber! Never even thought of it, but "changing suroundings" idea is really adds similarity.

I think all my "Played" library has effect on my game-designing decisions. How else could someone find new ideas :)?

Main inspiration, obviously, were Limbo/Inside for storytelling thruogh environment (though style was lost due to deadline). Oddly Portal 2D had some effect on preproduction, but unfortunatelly mouse-controlled flashlight was cut to ease mechanics. There are a lot more subconsious references, I am sure, like Antichamber and even Alone in the dark :D

Thanks a lot!

Thanks you very much. Glad you like it!

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It looks like we've got a winner

This game is ready for release today

Level of polish is uncanny, style is solid throughout gameplay, menu, art and music.

Perfect entry

P. S. for PC controller support would be awesome

Thanks again:)

Well, I died after some time, so there were no absolute protection. Yet some collisions felt like damage, but there was none.

WebGL gave me lots of trouble too.

And more of the same is what I want too. Overall good feedback can push me enough to finally release full version of jam's "proof of concept" :)

Let's hope this will be the one!


Thanks a lot for your kind words (or "no-words" :D).

I aim to bring emotions with all of my games one way or another, so reading comments like this warms my heart :)

Thank you very much! Glad I could bring some light to you :D

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Nice idea, cute art, but game is too hard. 

My first games were puzzles, but they were too hard for anyone but me. So most of them ended up on my harddrive.

Some youtuber said: "make a level. Then make it twice easier. That will help with your bias view". This helped me in the beginning.

So keep up the good work, watch more influencers, play more games and, most important of all, continue developing things you like. Good luck!

Game is nice, but camera movemevt makes me dizzy. Tweak that and you can try to submit to metroidvania jam (submission period is until december 15th)

Game is loading now

1. There are settings for embeded window size on (look at your project settings page).

2. Add sounds to your game to make it feel more connected to player. Punching sound on impact and step sounds make wonders

3. Art is nice. If you add some enemy variants (different collored eyes and tint on body color) it will look even better

And keep up jaming to become better! Good luck!

Same here: good idea but very unintuitive controls.

Art and sound are ok, potential gameplay is interesting.

Needs little bit of polish and nice controls to be a really good timekiller.

Keep up!

Nice work on use of cliches! Good game overall, really entertaining

Addicting as it should be :)

I liked second ship. Not sure if it is a bug, but my shield was on all the time.

Good entry and good luck!

Great music and pretty vocals

Very refreshing experience after rating a lot of games in a row:)

This game totally has mobile vibe. I can picture myself playing it riding subway :)

Good entry and good luck!

Reminded ny of flappy bird. Same "I died again, but need to try one more time" vibe.

Good entry and good luck!

It was not as easy as stealing candy from a baby :)

Good puzzle, I enjoyed it a lot

Good point. I am already in the middle of my next jam though. So it will have to wait until post-jam.

Yeah, I got it. It is good to know there are some similar examples to get ideas from, so thanks again :)

Thank you. It was one of my first music composing (if I can name it that) experiences, so good words about soundtrack means a lot to me :)

I am really sorry :( I fixed a lot of problems with mechanics, but not all bugs could be caught  until deadline. My bad.

I hope you enjoyed little time you spent in my game.

Wow, never even heard of it, but my first idea was sketched (almost like Closure) dark world and colorful light world with mechanics tied to "lightbulbs". Now I have to play it not to repeat a lot while working on full version:)

Thanks for your review!

Thank you for playing!

I think hint mode is must have on jams. Nobody likes being stuck:)

5 out of 5! iThis game may not be AAA but it is obviously FUN :)

Nice game, simple, yet entertaining

Good entry and good luck!

Nice game

Points to interact with counter could be marked somehow, otherwise - great.

Anyway Good entry and good luck!

Great game! It is somehow educational even:)

Good entry and good luck!

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Played it for 20 minutes straight. Simple game, yet so enjoyable!

Great entry, good luck!

Level of polish on this game is just astonishing!

Good entry and good luck!

Very engaging!

Good entry and good luck!

It took some time, but I did it. Very engaging:)

Great sound, amazing visuals

Gameplay is rough. Pause after "goal" would be nice to get ready. AI won with like 15 shots in a row without single bounce:D

Anyway, good entry (6 stars for graphics).

Good luck!