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Mr TbSite

A member registered Jan 06, 2021

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vous pouvez faire une version anglaise, ajouter des images avec du texte pour que ce ne soit pas ennuyeux, mais tellement génial

game developer, and the discount will be 100% for the At Christmas, or not at all, if not then okay ;) ? 

the game is not displayed on the account

Dr.Pumpkin community · Created a new topic does not work

the clear, can you make a bonus for the fact that I managed to pick up the game when there was a big discount

make it under the sensor, I tried to play on the phone

not become attached to account game

I sent the thee letter

pro ask to game creator

if the game cache is make, then it should not lags

please people ask for a game on windows, otherwise I will have to install an emulator, but mine, the laptop may be buggy, the video card is Radeon r3 percent amd a4 9125, someone still has such an asus laptop, I, don't know what model of laptop this is what I found K540B K540BA X540BA… my laptop costs so much 372.47 if you translate dollars and my brother has 340.08, lenovo s145 radeon r5 amd a9 9425, and then lenovo s145 rose at a price of 485.83, sorry for the long text, I don’t know how in about others, now it’s hard to buy laptops, for example, a Lenovo IdeaPad gaming 3 laptop at a of has risen in price 542.35, (⁠●⁠´⁠⌓⁠`⁠●⁠)

not become attached to account game

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game not become attached to account, game will be on windows ?

thanks for the key

i wrote to your mail

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I say not now but later then, I'm afraid of getting stuck in debt, sic so i would buy this game, parents will be against ;/ 

okay, I still have a weak laptop :|

for convenience, made a 100% discount on Christmas, and then I will ask you for an activation key on Steam

it's a pity that there is no discount for this game 100%

a, 100% no ? ;/

a, you will give, this game on christmas ?

at thee even written to take the game

I'm it's a pity can't pick on your to myself account this game

one can this game under windows ?

can i have this game ?

can i have this game

you don't, know how to make games under windows and mac ?

and when the game appears for pc, I don't force thee to do it now ?

Can I have this game for Christmas, or if you want, I will subscribe to you ?

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why am I afraid to buy the game and for vat, I can find myself in debt ;/

it's a pity that this game is not discount 100% on halloween

please, can I have the keys to the first and second and third parts in the incentive ?

to link a game to my account

I found out on YouTube, people say that it’s easy, like all games in the play market are optimized for Snapdragon, if not to talk about not popular games

one percent is not lacks for the, to take myself this account game ;/

it's a shame that you have few viewers 74 views ;/