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Mr. McGregor

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Replied to iwanPlays in Afar comments
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Thanks so much for checking it out! I appreciate the feedback, I'll be making some changes to the next build based on your comments. =D

EDIT: A new build is up now. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


What you've posted is really cool! The first Trek game I ever played was Judgement Rites, and this is really taking me back there.

I wouldn't stress about finishing on time. Given 30 days, I don't think anyone is going to turn their nose up at you for posting something that isn't 100% complete. You can always keep working on it after the fact, if you're still feeling it.

For my game, I've spent my time thus far working on modelling the interior of the player's ship. I'm doing something in the spiritual vein of Trek rather than trying to reproduce something from the franchise verbatim. The broad idea is to let players swap out parts in engineering and customize the ship to do different stuff. I'm taking inspiration from the tendency of the Enterprise crew to make stuff up invent solutions by jury-rigging systems together. Y'know "what if we channel the phaser banks through the main deflector dish", etc.

I'm not where I planned to be at the one week mark either, though. The issue I have right now is that, with the rate the model work is progressing, it looks like I'm only going to be able to devote about two weeks of the jam to coding. I was expecting more like three, so I'm having to re-plan what I want to do in terms of things like mission objectives and crew behavior. I've already pretty much abandoned the idea of away missions (at least until after the Jam's over) and I'm on the fence about whether I have enough time for a couple of other things.