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I really REALLY like this game. It's funny, looks great and is hella fun. Good job!

I like this game. It has a very unique control scheme and a really nice vibe. My only criticism is that it's a bit too RNG-dependent. Good job

This is really fun!

God damn, this game is juicy. The controls are a bit unclear and it's a bit rough around the edges but it's a really good time. Good job with this one

This is a really unique game that i like a lot! The controls are a bit janky, but it works pretty well once you get used to them. And it's really fun! Good job with this one.

This is a really really fun game!! I'm surprised this was made in a game jam, it feels like an actual finished product. It has all the art assets you could ask for, music and even gamepad support! Only criticism i have is that some weapons are less exiting than others. Really good job with this one!!

I really wanted to do more with this game, but realized mid-way through that i didn't have time... I'm really just happy i did something. Thanks for the feedback though!

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This is genius! Here is my game: . Gonna play yours now :)

There are more than 2000 games in this jam, how can you get people to play your game?

Neat idea, needs a bit of work. But this is a game jam after all, and time is limited. Good job.

Really feels like an actual game, not just something made for a game jam. Really good job with this one!

This game is really clever! It's a very unique puzzle game, and has a suprising amount of levels. The art is great too. Good job!

Really cool game! Really like the art and music, and the bubbles were fun. Good job!

Pretty good game! It's quite funny too. Only criticism is that it doesn't fit the theme all that well. Good job!

Wow, this game is actually really good! Such a good idea for a game, and really good execution too, especially when you consider this was made under a game jam. Only thing missing is a little music, but you can't have everything i guess. Continue working on this and release it as a full game, it definitely has potential. I know i would get it at least :)

How do i unpack the .rar file? Do i need some other program?

One minute remaining/There can only be One is a dungeon crawler with a 1 minute timer on every floor - you have to finish three gauntlets within 1 minute! It's a very short game, made in only 48 hours, and is quite challenging. Can you make it all the way down to the bottom?

Link to the game:

God damn this was stressful. First game jam as well, and it went decently. Was a bit too ambitious, and i couldn't quite finish what i started, but i made something.  And I think that's enough. Good luck with the voting :)

Interesting concept, needs a lot of polish and some original ideas. Still, it's pretty good!