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Brutally difficult, never got anywhere. Looks really pretty though!

Looks awesome, thank you! Do you require credit in potential released projects?

Hey, I just wanted to say that this art kit made my ludum dare weekend. Super cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

Super cool game!!!

Got to 116
What a fun concept! It got really messed up towards the end hahaha

Yeah haha, why?

I refuse to believe this is a jam game

Incredible work

Really, really cool game. Mood and art direction was on point. The music did make my ears hurt a little though. Still, great job!

Super cool game! Great art, audio AND gameplay! Very impressive for a jam game :D

It was fun, good job!

I personally think it would make movement a little too complicated, but it's a great suggestion!

Listen, you shouldn't call your own game bad. It can be bad, and you can know it's bad, but everybodys first attempt is bad. People aren't gonna play a game that the developer itself calls awful a multitude of times, especially when it has no screenshots or images and requires a download. Gamedev is hard and everyone knows that, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself :)

This game was really funny with the arrows, but the gameplay could use some work. Still - a good start!

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That makes sense, will keep that in mind. Thank you for your input!

I might have said it wrong. What part of it do you think is difficult? I'd like to improve for future projects :)

Haha thank you! Since I'm mainly a programmer I focused the most on the main gameplay and then tried my best to make some art and sounds. Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you! Sound was def a last-minute addition, so I'm sorry if it caused any annoyance. Thank you for your input!

Really like this type of game, really nice to see a highscore feature too. But blue and indigo are way too similar! :D

Cool idea, bit lacking in depht

A little indicator of what color to take next would have been nice, but otherwise very cool!

The game kind of didn't work. Instead of a rainbow it just created a black line, and the arrow showing where it would go was partially out of screen. But still, since it is your first Trijam, I'm impressed you got something up within just 4 hours. Keep going at it, you'll do better next time!

Super cute game, I liked it a lot. Good job!

The speed-up part in sync with the music was great! It was a little disorienting to change your movespeed based on color though, and a high-score to chase after would have been cool too. Otherwise very happy with it!

I can't collect any coins and keep randomly dying. But it looks really good

I don't really understand how the game works? But it looks and sounds good

I don't really understand the goal of the game? Seems cool, but it seems like you just wander the same room for the entire game. Still, the idea has potential

That screen filter actually spooked me haha. Could have used a timer to let me compare my times with others, and the music doesn't loop. Other than that, pretty good game!

Unique and fun take on an old formula! Was pleasantly surprised by this one haha. Very nice!!

This was a good one! Always nice to see a pico-8 game in game jams like these. It took me a little bit to understand the controls and mechanics and the game was a little too long for what it was, but otherwise very fun!

The idea is clever, but the execution could do some work. Happy that there's a saving feature, since the game is quite difficult.

In theory this would make sense, but when starting the game you get no clue of what to do, or how to do it. The color matching wasn't exactly intuitive either, since I know little to nothing about color theory. But I did like the game over screen. :)

The game looks really cool, but the main character is invisible I'm pretty sure? So I can't really play it :(

Still, the visuals were fun and I can imagine the gameplay to have been the same :)

Cool game! All the colors were really fun to watch, even though it might have been a bit too much. I also found the second level to be the hardest level BY FAR, almost gave up to be honest haha. Still, very nice!

Really? That is really interesting, because I thought and wanted the game to be more on the easy side. How is it hard?

This game has some potential, like adding more and more colors to the world as you return the colors, but dying with my last color and then losing all my collected colors kind of killed the fun. Still, for being made in 4 hours it's pretty good.

Thank you for your input! I've patched it to include fullscreen support if you press f4, hopefully this fixes your problem. Just download the new file if you still want to give it a shot :)

I haven't used gamepads that much previously, so feedback like this is greatly appreciated. :D

Thanks for commenting! Happy that you liked the game :) Our artist and sound designer did a great job!

The game became somewhat rushed, so I can totally understand your frustration. We'll make sure to playtest more next time. 

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for this comment! These are all really good points, and I will keep them in mind for the next one :)

Glad you liked the game! Ragequitting is like the expected outcome anyway haha, we didn't really balance it very well. Thanks for playing!

Ahhh that's shame. Thanks for playing anyway!

Feedback: It's a bit unclear how the day and night cycle works, took me a little to understand. The coins are also unintuitive in how they work or how they relate to your end goal. Also, I couldn't get past the second level, which is a shame.

But the game looks really nice, and has cute sound effects. It has some problems, but I still like it. Good job!

I saved mario's soul