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Thank you for your input! I've patched it to include fullscreen support if you press f4, hopefully this fixes your problem. Just download the new file if you still want to give it a shot :)

I haven't used gamepads that much previously, so feedback like this is greatly appreciated. :D

Thanks for commenting! Happy that you liked the game :) Our artist and sound designer did a great job!

The game became somewhat rushed, so I can totally understand your frustration. We'll make sure to playtest more next time. 

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for this comment! These are all really good points, and I will keep them in mind for the next one :)

Glad you liked the game! Ragequitting is like the expected outcome anyway haha, we didn't really balance it very well. Thanks for playing!

Ahhh that's shame. Thanks for playing anyway!

Feedback: It's a bit unclear how the day and night cycle works, took me a little to understand. The coins are also unintuitive in how they work or how they relate to your end goal. Also, I couldn't get past the second level, which is a shame.

But the game looks really nice, and has cute sound effects. It has some problems, but I still like it. Good job!

I saved mario's soul


Another fun good looking little game. Good job!

This is easily the best game of this jam. It has everything: painting-like art, music, pixelart, clever design, multiple endings, and it all fits together so perfectly! Looks inspired by Axiom Verge, and that is absolutely a good thing. I literally cannot believe this game was made by one person, amazing job. You should continue working on this and release it on steam. I would get it for sure.

Played this with a friend during the voting period, and it was by far the best game of the ones we played. Great job!

Haha, thank you for playing anyway! I had thought of making a single player mode, but I was really running out of time and energy. Maybe for a sequel some day? :D

While yes, it IS kind of a bad time to release a two player game, I had fun making it. So it still counts.

Hello, I am a intermediate developer using gamemaker, looking for someone to work with. Leave a comment if interested!

Thank you haha! It’s really fun actually watching someone play your game :)

We really should have put the controls on screen, huh. You were ”””supposed””” to use the mouse to change the sliders, and then we added the buttons, but I guess that isn't as intuitive as I thought. 

Thanks for making this great video!

Thank you for commenting! I very much agree that the sliders could have been handled better, both in terms of unlocks and function. None of us are artists and we used an asset pack for the art, so the sliders themselves were a bit improvised. Markers are a great idea!

I really appricate such a long and and informative comment as this one. Glad you liked the game! :)

Thank you! We really didn't have time to finetune the sliders, so they are a bit all-or-nothing. I guess that's the nature of a game jam. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

It's incredible what you can achive with a team and a little bit of experience, I'm sure you can make something even better next year! :D

This was really fun! Interesting idea, and pretty good execution. Now for the feedback: I feel like the countdown goes a bit too fast after a while, to the point where you physically cannot reach the green spot before the timer runs out, which feels a bit bad. Losing is also too hard, since you only lose hp after falling of the edge. And finally, waiting for the timer to run out after taking a point takes a little too long in the beginning.
Good job with this one!

This game looks absolutely amazing! It has such a nice aesthetic and colors. However, the gameplay is a bit lacking. There is no crosshair, so you can't know where you shoot or when the ball will explode. There is no sound and no feedback/juice, and the apple doesn't respawn after the snake eats it.
But again, the art is fantastic, but the gameplay needs a bit more work. Good job!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

That's a great idea! Thanks for the feedback :)

It looks promising, but it just kind of doesn't work?

I like the score counter lighting up, other than that there really isn't much to this game. The "lore" is quite funny though.

Wow, this is one of the most original games yet. And it's pretty fun too! Good job!

Oh my god this game is absolutely adorable. The fun visuals and unique gameplay makes this a pretty worthwhile game. I would have liked to see something more connected to the theme, however.

All the spritework looks very nice and the gameplay is pretty fun. Good job :)

The game itself feels very rough, and it doesn't really have anything to do with the theme. The graphics however look pretty good

The gameplay is pretty fun, but there doesn't seem to be any progression.

Maybe should have randomized the pitch a bit, eh...
Thanks for playing and commenting on our game! Glad you found some joy in it :)

Pretty much the same as real life

You say that this is your first game ever, yet It's really fun! It had clever mechanics and I really like the piano jumping sound effect. Great job!

My first game of this jam, and it's a masterpiece! It has amazing visuals, audio and gameplay alike! I especially like the leftover stages as a reward in the end :)

I noticed that with other people too. Really should have done more playtesting lmao

Thanks for letting me know!

Oh hell yeah thank you!!

I bad aat puzzle game and cant get past thrid level

It looks really well made though, especially with the explosions and the scrolling background

Thank you for playing our game! I see that it was too hard, that was totally on us. Playtesting is underrated, i guess? :)

Also really liked the video. Keep it up! :D

This looks sick, but I sadly don't have anyone to play it with :(

what the hell

this is great