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Really good game :)

I played it and enjoyed it, be warned terrible jokes ahead :)

Thank you for enjoying it :)

Okay then how do you complete the last bit

I really enjoyed that game and I nearly completed it but the last bit is impossible :) 

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you foe playing :)

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Hi I recently played your game and its the best one so far :)

Thank you :)

I actually died many many times I'm just grateful that there checkpoints and that you don't have to start all over when you die :)

Thank you for playing and enjoying it :)

I loved the level design, the artwork, the intenseness and I completed it with zero deaths:)

Oh definitely :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for your feedback :)

As a fan of horror games I really enjoyed that. There were two problems that I found you could get out of the map (monster pushes you through the wall) the monster could go through the platform when you need to jump to get the red cube besides that it was really scary with the atmosphere and and the creepy sound the thing makes :)

That's brilliant just needs sound effects :) 

I really wish there a UI on screen that would let you see your score and a bit more variations in obstacles would be nice, it's intense which is nice :)  

I'm glad you enjoyed it :) will be adding more levels. 

Honestly keep up up potential winner :)

Nice work :) the rocket was a bit hard to control but once you get the hang of it it's easy .

This is really nicely made and everything's perfect , but there is one thing when you defeat one of the creatures you get both the green and blue rocks  

Everything's great now the only thing I would suggest it to add a blood effect when the player is getting shot at :)

Flawless animations, Great gameplay :)

I like the grid based movement and the transitions, more endings would make it better :)

My high score it like 10 :)

I really enjoyed that experience :)

The music is nice and the games also nice I just wish there was a bit more level variation or that the asteroids came from different direction :)

I really enjoyed that I liked the artstyle and animations and really liked the BG music, just wish there was a way to destroy the asteroid. You could maybe a more enemies? 

The graphics are amazing and the player animations transition nicely and I love the character/ghost design, but there is no BG music :( 

There is a few faults 1 being that you can fall out of the ship and there's no way to restart and some of the tasks have no description of how to do them but I liked the art style and the storyboard :)  

I think I finished the game, I really liked the part where your falling and you have to control the player it doesn't collide with the red blocks, and if you spent more time on this I know it could be a lot better :)

Love the UI, the idea behind it and the setting , but I couldn't access the setting because I was hoping to change the sensitivity and when you shoot the gun nothing comes out and the enemies don't have a texture .

I agree with agon1. Great game :)

Great that's what I was hoping for :)

Love everything about it :) 

Yea great game  5 out 5 stars :)

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I want to ask you how many times did you get past the ice level? and I'm pretty sure I finished the game because on the last level it looked like an unfinished level and by the way ZERO DEATHS!   

This music was nice and fits well and pretty nice game overall, but the time door was just a bit too hard :)