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Mount West

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Funny take on the whole disaster, I think this is a really unique idea on the theme!

Yes a bit too much, I mostly had the feeling that I’ll just let myself get hit so I can restart without that madness. Perhaps you need to entice the player to push through it

Really beautiful style!

Great idea! Directing the monster by placing out stuff it wants is a pretty fun way to wreck som stuff

Rewarding the player to put themselves in risky situations is something more games should do!

Really fun! I could stay alive even on hard mode by just walking around and mashing the mouse buttons at the same time. A bit exploitive

Very good job! Especially the presentation, visually and audio, is so on point. This feels like it could be a whole game with rooms. It reminds me a little of VVVVVV. Also the Death Mode is ruthless, no chance when I get that I just give up.

Really unique game! And you're only 13 years old?? And got the coolest dad to help you out with the game? I'm SUPER impressed :D

Superfun! I think the face in the top left corner is hilarious

That would be so sick! It’s really inspiring

This is the most thrilling game I've played yet! Would love to make music for something like this :D

haha they're not so nice

Thank you for enjoying the music! :D Vertex did an outstanding job on the game dev!

Thank you so much for showing your appreciation for the music! 🙏 :D

Thank you so much for saying that! :D I really appreciate it!

I can't stop laughing at the absurdity of it all :D

This is too hilarious :D I can't stop laughing!

Visually this game is so cute. Gives me some notions of old DOS games

Thank you for enjoying the music! :D <3 And especially thank you for praising the game, this is Vertex's first game jam ever. I'm super impressed by him!

Very simple design and interface that has the potential to be really addictive with some tricky levels.

The is a really fun puzzle :D Good job!

Very pretty

The sun movement is a great touch!

So great to get invited to make music for Valeri's game :D I'm really impressed with how it turned out!