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good luck!! I’m really excited for this game!

i was able to open multiple at once, so that's the best feature so far. do you think later they will be able to interact with each other and you'll be able to feed them crumbs or peas later on? maybe... name tags even?

Since this has sparked more questions (and honestly, i might use the go-dot engine myself now!) i have a few more things-

first, i know this is just a hobby project for now, but how long do you think the game will be? if it has a ending, or course.

second, would there be jobs that you could pick from and build up on? with that mentioned, is there save files so you could have multiple characters at once?

and since there will be relationships in the game (whether it be friends, lovers, or enimies ); do you tunk it would have a affect on the story ?? will there be different endings (again, if there are any?)

I'm glad you have help! i wouldve been sad if you were putting all this work on yourself, even if it is just a hobby. i said this alot already, but i'm glad you're making a life simulation (i guess that's what you call this genre?? you get what i'm saying??) game like this on pc; since im a big fan of AC and harvest moon.

also, in the future whe  the game is done (or at least enough to release it then add updates later-), do you think you'll put a price to this game??

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Hi! it's me again! it's been a while since i actually last played, but i've kept up with your updates and I read whats inside every new update! 

Anyways, first, i love how the character creation has updated and can't wait for more options to pop up! Are you planning on getting more developers to help you so youre not doing this all on your own?? i understand if you work on a a story by yourself, but seeing now that you have options and more than likely different responses and reactions you'll get from people- it's gonna be alot of writing and planning!

i'm not doubting you i'm just impressed to see that you're doing all of this yourself, and wondering where all of this is gonna end up! 

not trying to leak spoilers from you but- what are you planning for characters and story in the future? i've been waiting for a game like this for a while honestly and want to see where this goes.

another thing! would there be relationships in this game? marriage, kids, things like that? and options for people who are ace/aro? 

and my last question is: what is driving your inspiration for this game? do you want it to be a more story driven game or a more animal crossing-ish game?? and sorry for typing out books like these; youre the only game i get email updates for because it looks so cute and i would love to be a game developer one day! so seeing this really makes my heart swell, y'know <3?? good luck with the game !

EDIT: i forgot to mention! im glad you're getting more comments than what i saw from last time! wow~!!

Hi! im running this on windows 10, and just to let you know, this game runs perfectly for me and i haven't had a problem yet <3.

I'm very excited to see where this game will head; not only for a more role-playing style village game, but also because of the cute art-style and the more personal village game setup. I'm also wondering of what you are using to make this game..? But! 

Good luck, and i really look forward to what this game brings, and i'll defintely try to keep up with updates ~ <3!

i cant load the game?? like, the title screen is perfect and smooth, and when the title video plays its extremely choppy and i only get to hear one or two words from it and a couple images. then the game freezes on the "perfection in progress" screen while coffee house music (im guessing?) plays in the background. is there a fix to this, or is it just me?