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It鈥檚 not necessarily a game breaking bug, but I found if you spam jump in certain places, you get teleported around

This is a great concept! So simple yet you feel like you are learning with Jimi 馃き I love the progression style.

I鈥檓 stocked to learn the whole alphabet with Jimi!

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Yep, I was able to run the #739 build (v 0.98-dev) on M1 Mac Air, tho it throws "material_maker quit unexpectedly" a couple of times on startup (just trying to repopen sometimes helps, so I'm not sure what the cause is). There's a crash log I can send if you want it

is M1 Mac supported? The work around doesn't seem to work for me

The last building says that it requires 7500 points but I built it only by having over 10000 points. Couldn't choose to place it before. Is it a known bug?

A few tries and I finally got to see a weapon upgrade at 500 points. It's a very nice to play game! Love it ^_^
There's a little thing about score: It keeps adding while the ship's destroyed. Idk if it's intended or not. Feels like cheating of some sort xd

Apple have their certificate problems  too, I guess :D
That would be awesome! Your app is very handy and nice to work in

There is  another thing, though. Apple device isn't my primary device. But I'll figure something out :D

Left communityCreated a new topic Mobile version

Is there any plan on having a mobile version of this awesome app?

Hey! I tried out this combat prototype and really enjoyed it!

I usually talk about gameplay/my experience stuff a lot in this section but @adurdin in the previous comment has already said almost all the things I wanted to mention. So, here's a let's play if you want to see a real-life reaction to the game:

A little something I wanted to mention is the fact that the game's ambient sound is too low* in comparison to all the effects of attack sounds, dashing etc.
*I leveled them in post when editing my video

All n' all, I'm looking forward to seeing how the dev's gonna go about this prototype in the future. I really enjoy his pixel/toon art-style choice and retro-ish sound design.

I know that everything's kinda blocked out with these temporary props (including SFX). That's why I never said I didn't like the idea of this demo. But in the current state, these are mine complains. I don't know why I'm trying to re-explain it :D I just think it may seem like I'm very harsh towards the game. But I'm not. And I'm looking forward to seeing how this project's gonna evolve!

Oh, my bad, I didn't explore fine enough to get the fact that it is a reference to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. I was really in the zone of accusing the village of being very familiar :D
I'll point towards the fact that I didn't go deep into all of the gameplays and it will make up for my ignorance (no) xD

Working on a such fledge out project is tough! I hope you've got enough patience to finish it up. And good luck to you!

Hi! I've played the demo of this game and want to express some thoughts on it.

First things first, I haven't finished it yet: I only entered this rookie village and went about exploring and chatting with its inhabitants. So, I didn't study all of the game's mechanics.
The main thing for me was the fact that it is straight up S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games with isometric styled gameplay on a surface. And while it's awesome to dive into the familiar atmosphere, the fact that it does lots of stuff completely the same way kinda upsets me. And I do get that the developer is going for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feel. So, let me explain myself.

The way this game structured makes me think that there will be no innovations added to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. concept. An ambient sound feels like it's ripped off and had little rework. Same goes for UI. The start of the demo's story is a rookie village. How unfamiliar is that? Inventory/currency/trading/weight (+ maybe fatigue/calories management/weapons) mechanics feel like I'm playing all the same game I'm comparing this game to.
I know it is only IMHO and I'm only that kind of person who wants to see stuff made differently even if you're trying to replicate another game's atmosphere. So, these facts don't go game's minuses in general.

On the bright side, I do like the effort put into game's looks. This moody feel of Zone's despair is getting to you.
The game has its style and knows what it wants to be.

In terms of the technical side of things, bugs have their place. Rain splashes going through the roof in the menu, ability to "walk on water", weird pop-ups to the roof while being in the building, trading weirdness.
I think there's a need to somehow highlight interactive object because it is hard for an isometric game to have a clear way of showing you what you can touch.

In the end, I want to say that I'm not going down on the game like you may think. I did enjoy playing it. But I see it only as a base (prototype if you like) for something a bit different.
I did a video playing through the first bit of this demo if you want to see exact reaction and thoughts on what happens in there:
P.S. It's my bad it looks like frame rate is low. I messed up my recording settings. The game runs pretty smooth

Hi, Clay!
Ahah, yeah, I tend to exaggerate stuff sometimes  :D 
It's great to hear that you'll be adding some new stuff like upgrades!

Haya! I've gone through Larme and made a video of a part of my adventures. So I just wanna say a few words about my experience.

First things first, I really enjoyed the games art-style! This mix of stylized textures with lots of emission in colors is really pleasing to my eyes! And all the backgrounds are very interesting and intriguing

Same thing I can say about its ambient. You can sometimes hear a low frequency rumbling in the background and a main mysterious ambient. Very atmospheric. I'm very geeky about my sounds :D So that fact that noises have an echo because it's a big cave made me very happy!

The gameplay itself is pretty simple and understandable apart from the fact that there's no guide on using your (weapon?) to its full capacity. not knowing about charging your (weapon?) can get you stuck because this mechanic opens up new areas. I get that the dev is going for "no tutorial" path but there has to be the way of showing his player all games mechanics (especially these necessary ones).

I little note: After I've finished the game and went to the beginning the sound bugged out on me for a few seconds
And I personally became a little annoyed at the fact that Boos (ghost?) can spawn right at your coordinates. It sometimes messes up your jump

All n' all, It's a very visually and musically pleasing little game (demo?). And I hope to see some similar work from the dev :D
That's a video I made:

Hey! I just wanna say a few words about my experience with this retro awesomeness.

First things first, AxeRage is a 2d platformer with 16-bit pixelated graphics. Its plot goes with its old predecessor's plot. There're lots of aliens and you're the one to deal with them and save all the humanity. I personally love that the devs follow this exact old-school trope. You finish your cigar, grab your trusty axe and drive off to smash invaders!

From the graphical standpoint, the game's gorgeous. Not only it replicate that retro feeling it also improves all the animations by adding more frames so it feels much nicer.

LVL99 also has these awesome old-school music bits to chop all enemies heads to.

AxeRage was obviously meant to be played with a gamepad but I used a keyboard instead since I've had troubles with a joystick and the game also supports a keyboard. It was a bit challenging since you can't really use all the attacks properly so it adds to a desire of button mash. So, a controller is hugely recommended.

All n' all, the game can't throw you into the rage mode as expected because contains pretty hard and divers enemies (They all also have awesome names :D)
Me personally I'm up to this challenge. I did a video playing if you want to see a real life reaction to the game:

Hello! I've played this little game and just wanted through a little briefing on this game ;)

First of all, this is an isometric low poly game with puzzles about moving blocks that get progressively harder as you go through levels.

Gameplay-wise, it has an interesting idea behind it. You have your trusty anchor that you through to pull blocks towards yourself so you can make a floaty "trail" for yourself. You also have a little shovel to pull blocks in order to make a platform further away so you can cover greater distances.

It gets trickier when you encounter blocks that float above or under the one you standing on because you have to calculate your jumps. And it is harder because of the game's isometric style. Also, you can't anchor blocks above you.

Audio in this game is fantastic. It creates that thinking over a puzzle atmosphere that contributes to its relaxing effect. But don't get greedy. Ones you start hunting for speed and stop properly thinking through your solutions, your frustration can come out and ruin your enjoyment (Unless it si specifically what you're seeking)

All n' all, that game's really enjoyable! I did a video on it too. So, if you want to see a real life reaction to this game, it is here:


I just want to say a couple of words about my experience with this game.

First of all, there's not a whole lot in the game other than a spooky atmosphere. The story is about you going through the sewers and discovering that there's something wrong about the place. The game isn't so long to go through.

Gameplay-wise, it stands for its good old genre of "horror game" where you have to collect some notes and keys to unlock "victory".

If we talk about visuals, it looks alright but there is a good amount of bad stuff that happens with the enviroment such as clipping textures or weird looking materials.

There are some SFX things that can be twicked. I personaly would like to here more ambient sounds, so the surroundings feel more alive.

All n' all, the game's not bad. It is pretty short, so you can say it lacks content. It can be nice to have its continuation.

I made a video on this game, so you can see a real-life reaction to it here:


As a person who tries to be a game developer himself, I really enjoy watching devs diaries, reading devs blogs and especially play well-made games about hard-working devs by hard-working devs (so, if you want to have a stimulus to be a hard-working dev you could just watch hard-working dev do his hard-working dev stuff, so...)

[Sorry, I just couldn't stop :D]

So, I just want to say some things about my experience with this game.

The gameplay is just hard-clicking. But it was executed very well! You're a game dev who tries to live, work out, get some money (sleep even! ) and finish his baby - his wonderful game. Oh, yeah, you even supposed to hang out with people, so, you have friends. I潭 潭s潭a潭y潭,潭 潭d潭u潭c潭k潭 潭'潭e潭m潭 潭d潭u潭r潭i潭n潭g潭 潭t潭h潭o潭s潭e潭 潭c潭r潭e潭a潭t潭i潭v潭e潭 潭d潭a潭y潭s xD

Visuals are pretty simple, because of its blocky style, but it looks really neat. It reminds me of a voxel art. I really want to bring an animation of the game on this topic. It makes half of the fun of the game because of how comedic and choppy it looks.

All SFX are cool and add to art-style, so as music. They create this tycoon game feeling!

All n all, I really like this game!

I made a video on it if you're interested in seeing real life reactions to it ;)

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First of all, it'a a shame that the game won't have a continuation, because I really like the idea behind it. It's a nice bond of awesome art-style and gameplay that has it's unique features. I played a little of this game on the channel () and I'm going to explore it a bit in my spare time, because there's a lot of stuff I didn't see.

I won't do detailed ramble about gameplay, visuals and of this stuff as I always do, because the game won't be continued. All I have to say is that it's a neat idea!

Have a nice day! :D


Just want to say a few words about this nice experience.

First of all, the demo is really neat, I liked it and was a little sad because of how soon it ends.

The strongest side of this concept is visuals. It has this low poly look to it that always goes with the whole puzzle-solving-relaxing type of games. Calm and arty lighting adds to mysterious atmosphere

Talking about that type of game that this demo is, the whole puzzle solving isn't that hard at all but it shows its puzzle concept. For now, it's all in illusions and views prospectives which are great and always most curious.

There are no big technical questions about gameplay because it's pretty simple, so I won't say anything about it

All 'n all, I'm really looking forward to the continuation! :D

I did a video on a demo if you're interested to see some real life reactions to it:


Just wanna say some things about the game in general and visuals.

First of all, that's a nice little park management game that reminds me of a good old Rollercoaster Tycoon. And that was a hell of a childhood of mine! :D So, thanks for your work on something so nice and a bit nostalgic.

The whole premice of this game, for those who don't know, is to build up your park, so people enjoy going into it. You offer them awesome waterslides and some other park things you do in amusement parks. They pay for your services and you have more money to expand your domain of entertainment!

The game goes for the voxel art-style (you can compare it with pixelated style, but it's a pretty rough comparison). The color pallet is nice to look at and it creates a happy atmosphere.

The music in this game is adorable. Not only it suits the the game style it's actually a really funny mood building music! I was pretty much blessed xD

All n' all, the game's in its early days but has a lot of potentials!

I wrote about some technical stuff on the games Gamejolt page too.

And I have a video about this game if you're interested in real-life reaction to it ;D


Just want to say a few thoughts on a game.

First of all, thanks for your great work! I really enjoyed the game. You probably get a lot of comparisons with the X-COM games. I don't know if it's good or bad. But it added lots of enjoyment to my playthrough because of my X-COM liking.

Gameplay-wise, it's a really neat concept. You have to be careful and choose your location wisely, so you don't get flanked or shot by an enemy. It's cool that there's a customization in the game. You have to recruit some team members on a mission. And it seems that they have their own perks and experience. I assume there are more classes you can unlock going through missions.

Visually the game goes for the pixelated art style and it's totally fine with me. The main thing about this kind of art is that you can understand what's going on in the game. And there's no problem with that. The color pallet is pleasing to the eye.

The music is one of the great things about the game. It fits and gets you into its atmosphere.

All n' all, that's that kind of game I really looking forward to playing! So, thanks again for your effort. I'm waiting for its continuation! :D

And, yeah, I said about other things on games Gamejolt page and left a video on the game if anybody's interested to see a real life reaction to it.

Cheers :D


I just wrote some stuff about the game on its gamejolt page. But I wanted to say some more stuff :D

I found out a curious thing while playing the game. If you press spacebar, you're able to speed the game up as like you can playing old Gameboy games on PC using an emulator. What's that mechanic for?

The game's really fun! I can't wait to see the more fleshed out version of it with more options! Good luck with its development and Greenlight! :D

I made a video on this game if someone wants to see some real life reactions to it here:

That's awesome! Good luck with a Greenlight. I hope it does great :D


You nailed the fun part as like that paper plane is supposed to nail the head of the boss! :D

The whole idea of the game is based around setting perfect circumstances for your beautifully designed paper plane to penetrate the target - your boss! Did you ever felt frustrated in the middle of your work time? That's a great way to relieve the stress (and someone's brains).

DISCLAIMER: this game doesn't bear any responsibility for your actions in real life!!

Gameplay-wise all the mechanics are fairly easy. You manage air streams by using office stuff like air conditioners or windows. That helps you choose the best directions for your weapon of stress-relive to hit the target. The game has a difficulty progression, so don't be too greedy and mind your trajectory!

If we talk about the visuals they are pretty simple. It makes you concentrate on your primary objective. It's a really clear and nice looking low poly style game.

Your killer root is accompanied by the most energetic music selected by the king of motivation, Shia LaBeouf!

To sum it up, it's a fun little experience that brings "the best" out of you :D

I made a video on the game if someone's interested to see the real life reactions to it:


It's nice to finally play your game! I was waiting for it since I saw an idea of it. And the demo is now out :D

So, the main thing of the game is to travel around the beautiful industrial scenery. But there is an interesting premise. You are a little stickman that we all used to draw when we were kids. (Okey, if you were special and didn't draw him, look at the pedestrian crossing sign. Yeah, I'm talking about this handsome man). Speaking of signs, your new mean of transportation around the world is now solving puzzles by connecting lots of signs in the right order, so you can go through them to your destination. Seems easy enough, right?

If we talk about gameplay in general, it is pretty intuitive and easy to pick up. Plus, you have these mysterious and conveniently places TVs showing tutorials on their screens. And it's a good thing. Noone wants to be stuck solving some puzzle and be stuck figuring out controls at the same time.

Puzzle-wise, the game isn't so hard. But I imaging it becoming much harder after some time. The puzzles though are fun to solve, since it's another way of looking at things like that.

The visuals of the game are stunning. It has these realistic looking backgrounds telling you story of the place. So, pay attention to details!

The music is nice and relaxing. It makes you remain calm trying to solve puzzles and puts you in a good mood. Some can say, it is therapeutic in some way.

I'm really curious to know if there is a story behind all of this or it is a story about places you visit.

All n' all, it's really enjoyable experience. I'm looking forward to seeing it's further development! Good luck with the game and Kickstarter campaign!

I made a video on the game if someone wants to see a real life reactions to it:

The game has its point. Some tweak here and there and it's ready to be a full-fledged game on its own. And, of course, all that improvement and reaching for the greater experience is always appreciated (It's an interesting and good comparison with cooking you have :D)

Oh, thanks for the links! He IS an awesome composer. And I really like his music style he's going for! This old/new retro has a special place in my heart, because of the games I've played when I was a little beginner gamer ^_^ You mentioned some really cool games from those times!


It was a really enjoyable experience if I dare to say so! :D

The graphics are on point. You nailed that retro style and I love it. Plus, it seems to not affect game performance. So, it's impressive.

Controls can be a bit frustrating, but it's supposed to be like that, so it doesn't go to the negative side of things.

I'm a big sucker for good audio. And these tracks made me dance real good! I wonder if I can find them somewhere, 'coz they're awesome. One little thing, though: this energetic music makes you go forward full throttle. And it's not acceptable for some of the parts of the course! Again, I'm not saying it's a bad thing! ;)

All n' all, I'm really digging this game. It's a well-executed idea :D

I've played the game on my channel, if someone's interested to see some real life reactions:


I said some thoughts on this game on gamejolt page and I don't want to repeat myself.

One thing I want to say: It is intriguing because you have this "deep-thoughts" intro. It makes me thing there is a lot more to this game than I've seen. So, looking forward to seeing a continuation.

Thanks for the nice game :D

There's a video for those, who want to see some reactions to this game:

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Thank developers for that given experience!

I absolutely love the game, even though, I'm pretty picky in terms of this type of games.

Its story just gets into your brain by just starting from almost nowhere and becoming deeper and deeper. I'm almost in a dire need of knowing what happens to the characters by the time I finish a part of a game to have a break.

The game has its fourth wall breaking jokes and dialogs. And it adds to the game so much. I really like it!

Mechanics are pretty simple (at least, for me so far). These texts appearing after I press an object will be the death of me. I'm just so curious to see all the hidden details or just something that character has to say.

A sound design of the game has a good and big place in my heart. I don't know about you, but I find it really atmospheric and pleasing to the ears. And it's not in your face (or ears I should say). And it is a big plus.

An art style is pretty nice. All the details to underline different personalities of a袙characters are here, even though, it's a minimalistic (or pixelated) artwork.

A little problem I had with key bindings. I've tried to change my buttons and made "Enter" has no control button. So there was no way to change it back. But it's ok. I just deleted my save file so the game resets.

To sum it up, I just want to add the video of mine if someone wants to see actual reactions on the game! I am gonna finish it :D

Hey! This game is neato!
It's not so much to it in terms of gameplay. But the easier the better.

The best way to be immersed in it is to drink your coffee and then play.

The physics of the game are the best part of it (As it should be with this title).

I wish there was a bit more powerups or some stuff like that. It would be even more fun.

To sum it up, it's a fun little game to kill time. I wish it had a scoreboard though

Here's my experience with the game :D

All you have to know is that it's a great game in general. They developed a game that has an old 90s atmospere but a bit improved visuals and controls. And that's what so awsome about it. There's not a whole lot to say. It's what plays. If you're into fps from the past - you'll definitely love it!

Thank you, developers, for such an amazing experience!

Yeah, the ending made me intrigued! I'm definitely serching for answers again :D
The monster was hillarious tho. At first, I was so disoriented by the fact that it looked like a car lights in the middle of nowhere! So, yeah, I guess, there's no need in a cruel undead that'll chase you down, so you have to start the game over and over again. Just a little smoky who'll keep u on track is enough

Thank you :D
I'm so sorry for making a mistake in your name! It was't intended. It was 50/50 for me, but I decided that it was Gunner
And, yeah, I know that this kind of "misspelling" often has its own reason. It's just something that seemed funny to me :D

This game as it is has a pretty good visuals and SFX! That's the first stuff u notice when starting any game. So, devs nailed this part! Plotwise (A little SPOILER alert, I guess) Into the Unknown has a good twist that could've a better explained ending (I got only one for now). Or, this fact can be used as a binding point to the next part of a game.
Into the Unknown contains a monster that has a weakness that makes monster useless. Maybe, I wasn't paying attention to something and ran through the game too fast to experience the hard time.

All in all, I'm happy to find this little indie project! It's not Dark Souls, so it's not supposed to be hard. It's all about journey that Into the Unknown has to offer.

Have a nice time playing! :D

Did a video on this game, so u can see reaction to certain parts of it, if u're interested

It was a surprisingly funny experience!

Das pretty neat! xD

I enjoyed it! Das ma "really life" reaction just for the sake of seeing your games' player reaction!