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Hello! I've played this little game and just wanted through a little briefing on this game ;)

First of all, this is an isometric low poly game with puzzles about moving blocks that get progressively harder as you go through levels.

Gameplay-wise, it has an interesting idea behind it. You have your trusty anchor that you through to pull blocks towards yourself so you can make a floaty "trail" for yourself. You also have a little shovel to pull blocks in order to make a platform further away so you can cover greater distances.

It gets trickier when you encounter blocks that float above or under the one you standing on because you have to calculate your jumps. And it is harder because of the game's isometric style. Also, you can't anchor blocks above you.

Audio in this game is fantastic. It creates that thinking over a puzzle atmosphere that contributes to its relaxing effect. But don't get greedy. Ones you start hunting for speed and stop properly thinking through your solutions, your frustration can come out and ruin your enjoyment (Unless it si specifically what you're seeking)

All n' all, that game's really enjoyable! I did a video on it too. So, if you want to see a real life reaction to this game, it is here: