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This game as it is has a pretty good visuals and SFX! That's the first stuff u notice when starting any game. So, devs nailed this part! Plotwise (A little SPOILER alert, I guess) Into the Unknown has a good twist that could've a better explained ending (I got only one for now). Or, this fact can be used as a binding point to the next part of a game.
Into the Unknown contains a monster that has a weakness that makes monster useless. Maybe, I wasn't paying attention to something and ran through the game too fast to experience the hard time.

All in all, I'm happy to find this little indie project! It's not Dark Souls, so it's not supposed to be hard. It's all about journey that Into the Unknown has to offer.

Have a nice time playing! :D

Did a video on this game, so u can see reaction to certain parts of it, if u're interested

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it! I'm guessing you got the safe ending, but don't worry about the confusion, it's all summed up after playing through both times. Also, the enemy really wasn't made to be super difficult, just something to keep the player on their toes. If it faced too much of a challenge, you would kind of lose the immersion. I'm going to watch the video in a bit, but until then, thank for delving into the unknown!

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I watched the video and I have to say that it was really funny and well put together. Also, my name is Conner, not Gunner :D. You also brought up our group name too, and the "misspelling" of FYRE. I will assure you that it's spelled FYRE for a reason. It's also in all caps for a reason while the Games in our name isn't.

Yeah, the ending made me intrigued! I'm definitely serching for answers again :D
The monster was hillarious tho. At first, I was so disoriented by the fact that it looked like a car lights in the middle of nowhere! So, yeah, I guess, there's no need in a cruel undead that'll chase you down, so you have to start the game over and over again. Just a little smoky who'll keep u on track is enough

Thank you :D
I'm so sorry for making a mistake in your name! It was't intended. It was 50/50 for me, but I decided that it was Gunner
And, yeah, I know that this kind of "misspelling" often has its own reason. It's just something that seemed funny to me :D