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okay, I watched the video and I saw the error you were having. I know how to fix it, but I'll need a computer to do that, so the update might not be out until Friday or Saturday. The second ending actually still works, but the dialogue that's supposed to play to tell you what to do next wasn't triggered for some reason. If you decide to try it again, we're actually getting a steam release, so you can download it there. Otherwise, I loved the video and thank you so much for delving into the unknown!

I haven't heard this issue from anyone else. I'll look into it whenever I can, but I don't have access to a computer until the end of the week. But anyways, thanks for the video, and I'll be sure to show the other people who helped as wel

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I watched the video and I have to say that it was really funny and well put together. Also, my name is Conner, not Gunner :D. You also brought up our group name too, and the "misspelling" of FYRE. I will assure you that it's spelled FYRE for a reason. It's also in all caps for a reason while the Games in our name isn't.

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it! I'm guessing you got the safe ending, but don't worry about the confusion, it's all summed up after playing through both times. Also, the enemy really wasn't made to be super difficult, just something to keep the player on their toes. If it faced too much of a challenge, you would kind of lose the immersion. I'm going to watch the video in a bit, but until then, thank for delving into the unknown!

You made some really good points in your video. I ran an update to make it so that The Shadow can no longer enter the buildings. Thanks for the input

I would just like to say thank you for the great review you left here. We were very, very pressed for time, so I'm glad to see that we could put something together that people enjoy in that time. I'll be sure to watch your video later too. Also, we are definitely planning on new games in the future., and are working to make our next one better than the last!