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Thanks for the honest review.

thanks <3

the dream worlds are connected

Thank you!! The light bake works in engine. It's a long and complex process which I perfectionized for years and years. 

Hey! Glad you like it. It is a mix of baked lighting and some post processing. Lights and shadows play an important role :) 


Please add my game

Here is the link to my game

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Hey Leafo, 

I would like to submit my game "Fugue in Void" to the bundle. Thanks!

So good! I enjoyed this experience :)

I once felt the same thing. One day you are at my place and read such a nice comment. Thank you and never give up :) 

Means a lot to me. Thanks! 

I never heard about this kind of bug. Can you maybe send me a screenshot or even a video of the event? 

Thank you! I give my best to fix it! 

Hey, Thank you very much! Glad you like it. The whole building works as a loop. The entrance is on the right and the exit on the left (The neon lights pointing to the entrance). If you come from the other side that invisible wall lets you pass. So it was a - i have ti admit - lazy variant on guiding the player into the right entrance. Otherwise the order of the pieces would be an odd experience.

send me an email


Sorry for the late reply. You have to wait some more ;)

Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I have over 400 Downloads on all systems right now and they all have no problem running the game. It has to be a problem at your end. If you want to send me a personal email with further details about your PC components i can maybe help you !



Hey Man, sorry for the long wait. I did everything i could and i think it is sadly a problem at your end.  I can offer you a little reparation. Just send me an email !



thanks for the confirmation. and glad you like it. enjoy

mac version now fixed. please confirm. 

mac version now fixed. please confirm. 

mac version now fixed. please confirm.

i am on it !

thank you very much. glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey, that gives me anxiety... i am going to fix this as soon as i am home. Give me some time.  Big apology for this! 

what a lovely experience !

taking notes ;)

thanks for having me Michael ;) !

glad to hear that :)

Sry i am currently working on a new project and want to focus on that first. maybe in the distance future :/

sure hit me with a private DM on Twitter @m0shart or send me an email:

Thank you ! appreciate it.

that is not good.. played on a not so good pc and it worked fine. sry i cant tell the source of the issue.

in the game ! wait until second night ;)

you have to wait ;)