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send me an email


Sorry for the late reply. You have to wait some more ;)

Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I have over 400 Downloads on all systems right now and they all have no problem running the game. It has to be a problem at your end. If you want to send me a personal email with further details about your PC components i can maybe help you !



Hey Man, sorry for the long wait. I did everything i could and i think it is sadly a problem at your end.  I can offer you a little reparation. Just send me an email !



thanks for the confirmation. and glad you like it. enjoy

mac version now fixed. please confirm. 

mac version now fixed. please confirm. 

mac version now fixed. please confirm.

i am on it !

thank you very much. glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey, that gives me anxiety... i am going to fix this as soon as i am home. Give me some time.  Big apology for this! 

what a lovely experience !

taking notes ;)

thanks for having me Michael ;) !

glad to hear that :)

Sry i am currently working on a new project and want to focus on that first. maybe in the distance future :/

sure hit me with a private DM on Twitter @m0shart or send me an email:

Thank you ! appreciate it.

that is not good.. played on a not so good pc and it worked fine. sry i cant tell the source of the issue.

in the game ! wait until second night ;)

you have to wait ;)

Very Cool !

thank you very much for playing and "reviewing" my game !

That track i get from called Elementary Wave 11. some tracks i did on my own.. you should have a look on gamejolt. you can download them there. . The piano one is a cover from the wonderful film "memories of murder" by bong joon ho.

That soundtrack i made on my own with FL Studio ;) And yea I made VoyageE

This is just awesome ! Did it change in realtime ?

Great ! Thank you very much for that ! and you found all secrets ;) very good